Friday, November 10, 2017


It's best to be prepared. Ready to prevent an incident and knowing how to respond when it happens. 

We must stay ever vigilant. Remember the caliber press reminder to "stay alert stay alive".

No place is off-limits to someone who is head set on doing violence or reeking havoc. 

This past weekend was a very sad reminder of how domestic violence and social violence often go hand in hand. Two men; one in Sutherland Springs, Texas (USA) and another in Fresno, California decided to bring their anger and hatred from their homes into the public. 

Domestic Violence is about power and control. Both female halves were estranged from these violent offenders. 

They took their need to control to the streets leaving the home environment where they used to be able to exert control over their target. Their rage and anger took the lives of 28 people last weekend between the two incidents. 

Pray for the lives taken last Sunday while they were at church 😔

Please remember if it's JDLR (just doesn't look right ) Follow your intuition and teach your family and loved ones to be aware of their situation and the behavior of people around them when they're out in public and at school. 

Many areas of our world are mourning from violent senseless events. Please continue to pray for our friends and colleagues globally. 

This weekend the United States will observe our Veteran's Day. We will honor our military service member and celebrate their choice to serve. 

Thank you to all of our IAWP members who have served in their countries Armed Forces/Military. 

Canada just celebrated and throughout the world at various times of the year a day of Thankfulness is observed. 

The USA will be observing our day. We call it Thanksgiving and its on the fourth Thursday of this month. 

Thanks - Giving 

Please take some time this month to count your blessings. Write down what you are thankful for. Who are you grateful to have in your life ? 
What obstacles are you thankful you have overcome ? 

I challenge you to set aside a few minutes daily to write down five things your grateful for and five blessings in your life. 

This exercise especially if done early in the morning before you start your day can send you off with a amazing attitude and set the tone for your day. 

In honor of the Giving part - Give the gift of your presence or a phone call or letter. Give away excess you are not using to bless others. Seek to see how and what you can give, this Thanksgiving. 

Happy Thanksgiving to all who are celebrating it this month. 


Please take a few minutes and visit our memorial section on the IAWP page where you'll find remembrances of female officers that have passed away.  This section recognizes those who have fallen in the Line Of Duty, off duty or of illnesses. 

Please keep the families, friends and colleagues of these officers in your thoughts and prayers. 

Help us keep this section current. If you look and do not see an officer you know has passed away. Please contact me with their information. 

I pray you have a safe weekend. 

Thank you.    

Tamia Dow 
IAWP Chaplain