Saturday, October 28, 2017

Who Will You Be

The Season For Masks and Costumes

Why do Americans seem to have such an obsession with Halloween ? Is it the dressing up ? Is it the parties ? Is it the candy ? 

It depends on what stage of life they are in. 

Children usually enjoy Halloween for the costumes (they can become their favorite cartoon character, ghoul or super hero for a night), fun with family and friends, trick or treating and candy. Most kids Love Candy.  

Teens usually enjoy Halloween because they can hang with friends. Most don't wear costumes unless their at friends's parties. They don't trick or treat door to door any more yet some do pranks during Halloween. Their too old for cartoon characters yet ghouls and super heroes are still regular choices. 

College/young adults look forward to the parties with their friends and tend to wear more risqué costumes that show off their physiques. You see sexy dark costumes often XXX rated. 

The wearing of masks start to play more prominent at this age. 

For working Adults (this includes post-college and includes the partners and spouses of this age group ) 
They usually enjoy the parties which generally include alcohol consumption and other adult party favors. Alter ego costumes and masks do play big here. 

Why ? 

A Personal Escape from reality.  

On Halloween one can be anyone they want to be via their choice of costume/mask. 

For a night or a weekend. 

They can pretend to be anything they want to be and no one usually raises an eye. 

Why are people so eager to take a temporary escape from who they are in their own life ? 

Choose to live the life you've always dreamed of daily so that when Halloween (or other occasions ) offers the opportunity to mascarade as someone or something else you show up as Your Best You 😀

Enjoy the season 👍

Tamia Dow