Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Bereavement Notice and Praise for US Capital Police Response

Bereavement Notice

Our sisters and brothers in the correction leg of law enforcement have suffered great violence in the past week.

Corrections Officer Shana Tedder of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice collapse and passed away after a physical altercation with an inmate.
Georgia Department of Corrections Officers Christopher Monica and Curtis Billue lost their lives in the line of duty.
A transport escape resulted in these two officers lives being violently taken by the inmates they transported.

Please say a prayer for the families, friends and colleagues of Correction Officers Shana Tedder, Christopher Monica and Curtis Billue.

Keep all our corrections brothers and sisters in your daily thoughts and prayers.
Dealing with hostile inmates in a closed environment takes great courage and poses it's own unique set of threats.

Everyone please stay #vigilant. Practice contact and cover techniques, practice strong officer safety tactics. Nothing that law enforcement officers do is "routine". Always Be Alert.

#Praise for the quick and heroic actions of the two US Capitol Police Officers that saved many lives by taking out a heavily armed gunmen who was shooting at elected officials in Virginia this morning.

#Pray for the swift and full recovery of the officers who were injured and the citizens who were wounded.

As law enforcement officers you never know when it will happen, always be prepared.

I ask for a special blessing over law enforcement #officers (LEOs) worldwide.

Terrorist attacks are becoming more bold and frequent. Too often LEOs are targeted. This message of vigilance is timely and we know through vigilance many attempts and plots have been foiled.

The challenge we have in law enforcement is we must always be on guard for the terrorist, they just need to succeed in one #action.

May LEOs be wise in stopping these acts.

Please keep the people of London, Manchester, Egypt, Afghanistan, Paris and throughout the world
in your thoughts and prayers as they continue to recover from injuries and losses from the recent acts of #terror.

Law Enforcement will not back down. We are now even more resolute in keeping the citizens we are charged to protect #safe.

Know you are well supported by all who wear the badge or the shield worldwide.

Stay Safe,

Tamia Dow
IAWP Chaplain
Facebook/Twitter Chaplain Dow
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