Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Awareness Saves Lives - Recognizing Violence in Relationships


I just watched the movie "Unforgettable".

I was screaming inside my head "Don't Be Silent" the whole time as I was watching this movie.

As a Domestic Violence and Stalking Awareness trainer I am going to use it as a teachable movie. There was clearly one unstable person in the entire movie that was working through the classic power and control tactics with precision.

Helpful hints in Intimate Relationships:

1. Do not keep secrets in your relationships. Past spurned lovers, violent exes and expired restraining orders are things you Should be telling your current partner about.
2.  Do not assume you know why your partner's previous relationship ended. Ask. Both of Them.  Every exe can't be crazy (though some really are and are undiagnosed )
3. If the whole family gives you creepy vibes, trust your instincts, we are rarely wrong.
4. Male and Females can be the Abusers.
5. Just because you're "not together " does not mean you're safe. You must make sure everyone is aware that the abuser is not to be near you.

Again this movie showed how an abusive relationship can affect, hurt or even kill those closes to you when you stay silent.

#SayNotoDV #DomesticViolence #AwarenessSavesLives