Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Tragedy on Law Enforcement Appreciation Day

Bereavement Notice :

Please pray for the family, friends and colleagues of Orlando Police Department Master Sergeant Debra Clayton and Orange County Sheriff's Office Deputy First Class Norman Lewis their lives were lost tragically in the line of duty while serving their communities.

Sergeant Clayton was gunned down by a fleeing Domestic Violence suspect and Deputy First Class Lewis lost his life in a motorcycle wreck during the search for that suspect.

The suspect is NOT in custody. Let's pray for the safety of all the officers pursuing this suspect. Pray for supernatural wisdom and for conscious to work on the heart of whoever is harboring him to Turn Him In To The Police.

Now please also keep all Law Enforcement Officers in your daily thoughts and prayers.

What makes these LOD death even more  is that they occurred on Florida's Law Enforcement Appreciation Day.

On January 7, 2017 the Las Vegas Law Enforcement community experienced similar tragedy. We lost our first officer of the year, NLVPD Detective Chad Parque, to injuries he sustained in a LOD car accident. That day too was our Law Enforcement Appreciation Day.

These tragedies are unacceptable on a normal day yet hit us deep in the gut on a day of honor.

Please everyone Stay Safe, Drive Carefully and Cover Each Other's Backs. Let's make this year a record setting year where we see the least amount of officers that lose their lives in the LOD.

Never Forget :

Master Sergeant Debra Clayton and Deputy First Class Norman Lewis and Detective Chad Parque thank you for your service. RIP.

Tamia Dow
IAWP Chaplain