Sunday, November 20, 2016

FAITH & PRAYERS - My Hospital Visit Update

When the Chaplain needs prayer :

This week a medical condition found me in the ER (hospital emergency room) in a lot of pain with a dire speculation of what was wrong.  I thank God with lots of prayer (I had all my Facebook friends and close friends praying for me ) the dire thought was NOT diagnosed. I TRULY believe it was because of all the prayers, I believe God stepped in and healed me of the most serious diagnosis because of the prayers and faith of ALL who lifted me, my doc, technicians and nurses up in prayer.

As I was being treated I told every doc, nurse, tech, person in the beds near me that "everyone is praying for us, it will be ok" and Praise God it was.

So many ppl were touched, affected and blessed by my trip to the ER:

1) Me because my faith was built even stronger.

2) Each person who prayed and heard the good report as a result of their prayers.

3) All the medical personnel and injured people who interacted with me or over heard me vocalizing the prayers and my faith were touched and influence by Your faith (all who prayed for me ) and my steadfast belief that WHATEVER the diagnosis GOD is in control and WILL work ALL THINGS together for the good of all who LOVE Him !!!

I am excited.

Totally Grateful.


In ALL THINGS.  We must give it to God, Seek His guidance and direction and share our faith with Everyone the Lord places in our path.

The message the Lord has been sending me for a while is that I need to rest my body, slow down and stop piling on yet another project.

Well Father GOD I am listening and I WILL REST.

This holiday season I am in a season of Rest and focused Self Care.
I had put me on the back burner and been focused on projects and care for other people neglecting me and my health. How many of you can identify with that 🙋🏽.

No more. If I am shut down due to illness caused by poor self care I will not be able to adequately COMPLETE my mission and call.
I am called to serve.
I serve people through my ministry speaking, training, educating and empowering people to live a life free of oppression and violence and how to discover and follow their life purpose.

I want to be in Good Health (for as long as it within my control ) along this journey.

Please keep me in prayer as I heal. I am resting, spending time with the Lord, my family & friends  and praying.

Another thing I am totally thankful for is my mom was with me all day during my ER adventure.  I am so grateful for my mom.

Mothers are a blessings. Most people become big babies when we are injured mostly desiring the presence of our loved ones, most often our MOM. Thank God my mommy was by my side and she witnessed me telling everyone about the power of prayer and I read her the text messages, Facebook post and she heard the calls wishing me well.

I am grateful to all the people who took time to pray for me.

As a chaplain I am often asked to pray for others. This was the first time in a long time I asked for prayer FOR ME and Many answered my call.  I am thankful for everyone who prayed. I pray the Lord will richly bless all who prayed. May everyone who took a minute to lift my injury up to heaven to ask for intervention on my behalf Be Richly Blessed, may they walk in abundance and good health and their families be blessed with great favor in all they do. I ask this in Jesus' name. Amen.

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