Thursday, October 06, 2016

Safe travels to our delegates for the 54th IAWP Conference

Safe Travels

"Life is one daring adventure or its nothing at all" - Hellen Keller

To all the delegates on their way to Barcelona for our th Annual Training Conference enjoy the adventure.

As you travel to Barcelona from all around the globe make the most of the experience. We are praying for your safe journey.

See cool things (even in the airport and train stations - some have art exhibits and creative displays ), Meet exciting people, Be a bright light for other travelers on your path.

With travel delays and hiccups a big part of travel why not make the most of it.  Be the example. Take the circumstance and bless another human being by positively changing the atmosphere with your kind and uplifting spirit whether it be the flight attended, a fellow traveler or your taxi driver.

Safe travels my friends.  I look forward to seeing you in Spain !

Tamia Dow

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