Monday, February 29, 2016

Leap Forward With Love

Happy Leap Day Everyone !!!

We won't see another February 29th until 2020.
Make this year a special year.
Season it with Love.
Decide to make everyday, every moment every experience perfect as it is.
Be present.
Be loving.
Be real.
Share yourself with those you love and those you meet along the way.
Your life is your chosen life make the most of it.
Love Fully and
Have A Happy Day 😀

Thursday, February 18, 2016

People will ...Love them anyways

I've been :

Cussed at 
Fussed at 
Put down
Talked about 
Fought with 
Ran from
Spit on
Knocked down
And scarred
And that was by family members, friends and colleagues
Not just my police clients (citizens, victims, suspects) 
Yet still I smile 
And help where I can. 
I choose Love. 

Others may not understand, appreciate, or support your higher call. 
It is yours. 
Embrace it. 
And do what you know is right in your heart and soul.

That's a happy life well lived. 

Have an amazing day. 

Tamia Dow
IAWP Chaplain 
Twitter : @chaplaindow
Facebook : Chaplain Dow 
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