Thursday, December 31, 2015

Just A Number

Just a number, another day

Each day is its own day.  A new gift. 

So as many people see December 31 as a line in the sand.  A line that marks the end of the old year and the dawn of the New year.  It is.  Yet it's also just another day. 

Whether it be January 5, March 7, July 12 these days are days unique to themselves.

These days are the tomorrow you mentioned or the "Someday" you referred to so often before. 

These days are the days you make them. 

So if you look back at 2015 and over the "To Do List" you wrote on December 31, 2014 or January 1, 2015 and find there are things left undone do not be discouraged.

Each day arrives with a clean slate and a new opportunity "To Do" the things you said you wanted to do. The things you said you wanted to do in high school yet still haven't done.  The things you said you wanted to do in college, when you finish college, when you get a good job, when you ... (You fill in the blank ). 

Make that day today.  Even if the day you are reading this post is February 1.

Year's end causes reflection yet I say to you any day you decide to start achieving your dreams and goals begins a new year, a new journey in your life.

Are you ready for a new start towards your dreams ?

First step : Write down your actual dream. Make it very clear. 

For example : "I want to be debt free by the end of the year."

Second Step : Write down WHY.  Why is this goal important to you ?

Third Step : write down what your life will look like when you have accomplished your goal. 
What will you do ? Will you live in a different place ? Be around different people ? 

Fourth Step : Be very specific.  Do not just jot down superficial notes.

You are planning a journey towards your goal.  A road map.  There will be stops along the way.  Necessary stops. What will they look like ?

This is just a few tips to wet your appetite as you begin 2016.

Let's walk the journey together. If you want to join this journey with me. Email me at and share your answers to the four steps proposed here. 

Let's see what will happen once you've cast a clear vision of your goals for 2016.

Look forward to hearing from you. 

Happy New Years Eve !!! 

Blessings for success,

Tamia Dow
IAWP Chaplain 
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Thursday, December 03, 2015

So Very Blessed

Do you believe the words that are coming out of my mouth? 

Do you believe the words that are coming out of yours ?

Why speak any words that are not useful, encouraging and kind ?

It is about how we speak.  How we speak to others and to ourselves. 

The power of life and death are in the tongue.  Out of the mouth the heart is heard. How's your heart ?  What's flowing through your veins and out of your mouth ?

Reflect on this.

Do you speak life ? Do you speak blessings over others and speak gratitude about the things that bless you life ?

Thanksgiving has past in most countries that observe it as a holiday.  I encourage year round Thanks Giving.  Daily awake and give thanks for the blessings you have in your life.  Your health, your house,  your family, your job, your friends, everything you appreciate having in your life. 

Count your blessings. 

Write it down.  Each and everyone. Make a habit of it. Daily. First thing in the morning and again right before bed as you retire for the day.  In the morning Give thanks for being awaken and at night Give thanks for safely making it through the day. 

In our profession the reality is seeing the end of shift is not guaranteed.  Live a life full of thankfulness.  Share the ritual with your family and friends. 

Trust me once you put this into practice more things to give thanks for will enter your life. 

I look forward to your Thanks Giving Reports.


Tamia Dow
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