Saturday, October 31, 2015

All Treats, No Tricks

All Treats No tricks 

Everyday our email inbox is full of Offers to help us Do this or Do that with a promise to change our lives yet there is only one person who can do that ...

That person is looking back at you in the mirror.

It is you.

It all begins with choice.

What do you choose to do? 

How do you choose to spend your time, talent and resources ?

What is important to you ?

How important is it ?

And when will you act on it ?

Without making excuses and blaming the world, the weather, your coach or your hairdresser (to name a few) look into your Self, You and honestly answer these questions then join me next month for the next part of our journey.

The Treat is You.

Treat yourself (YOU) as if you are a VIP.  You are a Very Important Person.  Many things in life may come in to distract you and cause you to forget this.

Start TREATING yourself better.

You are worth it.  You deserve it. 

Until next time I send you Blessing for success. 

Tamia Dow 
IAWP Chaplain
Business and Life Coach 
Best Selling Author
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