Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Celebrating 20 Consecutive Years of Conference Attendance

Celebrating 20 years 


Celebrating 20 consecutive years of IAWP Annual Conference Attendance.

I have not missed a conference since joining the IAWP in Birmingham, England in 1996.

I got my passport and made my way to the West Midlands to join an international gathering of female police officers. 

I was fascinated to see officers from around the world and to learn about different cultures and ways of policing.

Many of the people I met at that first conference I am long time friends with and still keep in touch. 

I believe my membership in IAWP was key in keeping me motivated within my own police service.  Every year I got re-infused with positive energy, great training and encouragement by my fellow IAWP members.

Informal Mentors and constant inspirational stories through the IAWP Women Police Magazine has been priceless. 

Whether you are a new member to of the IAWP or have been attending for 30 years,  this is a family that supports you throughout your life. 

Make the most of the opportunities presented for you at this conference.  

-Network and get to know other officers.  

-Attend all the trainings and visit the exhibit booths in the Exhibit Hall

-Meet and sit with people you do not know on the lunch breaks and meal opportunities. 

-Talk to senior officers and ask them for tips on career strategy.

-Have fun

-and please come up and meet me.  It's been a pleasure to meet so many friends new and old.

To get an idea of what 20 consecutive conferences attended looks like, I will list all the annual conferences I have attended:

1996 - 34th Annual - Birmingham, England

1997 - 35th Annual Training Conference - Dallas, Texas

1998 - 36th Annual Training Conference - Anchorage, Alaska

1999 - 37th Annual Training Conference - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 

2000 - 38th Annual Training Conference - Toronto, Canada 

2001 - 39th Annual Training Conference - Edmonton, Alberta Canada

2002 - 40th Annual Training Conference - Canberra, Australia 

2003 - 41st Annual Training Conference - San Francisco, California 

2004 - 42nd Annual Training Conference - Boston, Massachusetts 

2005 - 43rd Annual Training Conference - Leeds, England

2006 - 44th Annual Training Conference - Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada

2007 -  45th Annual Training Conference - Denver, Colorado

2008 -  46th Annual Training Conference - Darwin, Australia 

2009 - 47th Annual Training Conference - Seattle, Washington

2010 - 48th Annual Training Conference - Minneapolis, Minnesota 

2011 - 49th Annual Training Conference (ATC) -  Lexington, Kentucky

2012 - 50th ATC - St John's Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada

2013 - 51st ATC - Durban, South Africa

2014 - 52nd ATC - Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada

2015 - IAWP CENTENNIAL CELEBRATION 1915-2015 - Cardiff, Wales  

I am looking forward to many more.  Lord willing.

Stay safe and stay tuned for more from #IAWP2015

Tamia Dow
IAWP Chaplain
Twitter @Chaplain Dow
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