Sunday, August 30, 2015

Cardiff, UK

My Cardiff UK Adventure 

Motor coach
Water taxi
Hop on hop off tour bus
Friend's house

To Celebrate the 100 years of IAWP enroute to the 53rd Annual Training Conference I experienced all means of travel conveyances to get the full European experience and I documented it by video and journal.

You'll be able to find my adventures soon on my You tube channel.  

Stay tuned. 

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Celebrating 20 Consecutive Years of Conference Attendance

Celebrating 20 years

Celebrating 20 consecutive years of IAWP Annual Conference Attendance.

I have not missed a conference since joining the IAWP in Birmingham, England in 1996.

I got my passport and made my way to the West Midlands to join an international gathering of female police officers. 

I was fascinated to see officers from around the world and to learn about different cultures and ways of policing.

Many of the people I met at that first conference I am long time friends with and still keep in touch. 

I believe my membership in IAWP was key in keeping me motivated within my own police service.  Every year I got re-infused with positive energy, great training and encouragement by my fellow IAWP members.

Informal Mentors and constant inspirational stories through the IAWP Women Police Magazine has been priceless. 

Whether you are a new member to of the IAWP or have been attending for 30 years,  this is a family that supports you throughout your life. 

Make the most of the opportunities presented for you at this conference.  

-Network and get to know other officers.  

-Attend all the trainings and visit the exhibit booths in the Exhibit Hall

-Meet and sit with people you do not know on the lunch breaks and meal opportunities. 

-Talk to senior officers and ask them for tips on career strategy.

-Have fun

-and please come up and meet me.  It's been a pleasure to meet so many friends new and old.

To get an idea of what 20 consecutive conferences attended looks like, I will list all the annual conferences I have attended:

1996 - 34th Annual - Birmingham, England

1997 - 35th Annual Training Conference - Dallas, Texas

1998 - 36th Annual Training Conference - Anchorage, Alaska

1999 - 37th Annual Training Conference - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 

2000 - 38th Annual Training Conference - Toronto, Canada 

2001 - 39th Annual Training Conference - Edmonton, Alberta Canada

2002 - 40th Annual Training Conference - Canberra, Australia 

2003 - 41st Annual Training Conference - San Francisco, California 

2004 - 42nd Annual Training Conference - Boston, Massachusetts 

2005 - 43rd Annual Training Conference - Leeds, England

2006 - 44th Annual Training Conference - Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada

2007 -  45th Annual Training Conference - Denver, Colorado

2008 -  46th Annual Training Conference - Darwin, Australia 

2009 - 47th Annual Training Conference - Seattle, Washington

2010 - 48th Annual Training Conference - Minneapolis, Minnesota 

2011 - 49th Annual Training Conference (ATC) -  Lexington, Kentucky

2012 - 50th ATC - St John's Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada

2013 - 51st ATC - Durban, South Africa

2014 - 52nd ATC - Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada

2015 - IAWP CENTENNIAL CELEBRATION 1915-2015 - Cardiff, Wales  

I am looking forward to many more.  Lord willing.

Stay safe and stay tuned for more from #IAWP2015

Tamia Dow
IAWP Chaplain
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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

London to Cardiff


Gray clouds and 19C temperature greet me as our plane descends. When we hit the ground in London I smile.  The familiar London Heathrow (LHR) Terminal welcomes me.  I have become accustom to being greeted with fresh newspapers and magazine as I exit the plane and this time was no different.
The immediate ability to know the going ons in and around London. 
I grab the "Daily Mirror" and "The Independent " the lead story "e-cigs " both discuss the prescription of e-cigs for smokers.

I expected something a bit more sexy for my arrival day.  Oh well it is what it is. 

Just a few hours in Heathrow as I head to the National Express bus service to Cardiff, Wales. Conveniently located within LHR.  

A three hour journey on a luxury motor coach with comfortable vinyl seats and power plugs to charge up my UK phone and my iPhone.  Mandatory wearing of seatbelts (now that's classy). 

I look forward to the ease of navigation I will have on my return to London from Cardiff as I spend a few days in London enjoying my favorite spots before returning back home.

Most of my fellow board members will be arriving tomorrow.  In the mean time I look forward to my few hours to explore Cardiff after I check in to my hotel. 


What is London without rain. Lol. The countryside was beautiful even in the rain. The large coach windows afforded plenty of opportunity to  view the scenery from high above the passenger cars and trucks on the road.

I am glad I chose this mode of transportation this time.  I've been on just about every form of transport London has to offer. 

I wisely brought my Fall coat and my umbrella.  Even in August England can be cold and damp.  

We road silently down the road with occasional announcements  by the driver and our initial recorded message advising the need for seatbelts and the fact CCTV was in use.

When we changed drivers midway through, he played the pre-recorded announcement too. 

During our journey a burning vehicle on the roadway had set us back by 20 mins.

The passengers did not seem to mind. A few made calls to loved ones advising of the delay,  others just sat there with their headphones on listening to music, reading or playing games.

It was cool to see the reaction of the people around me when they heard me talking to the young lady sitting in front of me.  They picked up my accent and smiled.  Oddly no one asked about my accent directly. 

It was interesting to see road signs in English and Welsh.

A short taxi ride from the bus station to my hotel has me safely settled in at Cardiff. 

Stayed tune for more on my adventure ... 

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

IAWP Annual Conference

My 20th annual adventure with the International Association of Women Police (IAWP) begins.

In 1996 I boarded a plane to London as my first stop on my way to Birmingham, England.  

Today I board another plane on my way to London as my first stop on my way to Cardiff Wales to celebrate 100 years of IAWP! 

I have only been involved with the IAWP for 1/5 of its lifetime yet I count it as the greatest resource I had during my law enforcement career and especially now, in retirement. 

Oh...  the people I have met and the things I have seen with many members of the IAWP.

Involvement with the IAWP has taken me to the UAE, UK, Canada, Germany, South Africa, Australia, Uganda, Kenya, and many more places for conferences, board meetings and visits.

I have not missed a conference since I joined our organization. 

Nearly all the conferences I attended were self-funded (I paid) and were on my own time (vacation time most often, sometimes in exchange for training time).

The conferences, education and networking connections were worth the investment. 

I always learn a lot, take home the new tips I learn and then teach and share them with my colleagues at home.   

I am very excited to be joining my colleagues for the IAWP Board of Directors meeting.  It's held the two days prior to the beginning of our annual conference. 

I am the IAWP's chaplain.  I was elected in 2006 and have had the pleasure of serving in this position ever since.

As a member of the BOD twice a year I attend our board meetings held all over the world.

The IAWP is just that,  international. Our board is made up of members from all over the globe.

I am looking forward to this new adventure as I celebrate 20 years of IAWP (for me) and 100 years for our organization in Cardiff, Wales. 

I pray you all have Safe travels.  I look forward to seeing you at opening ceremonies if not in our travels before. 



IAWP Chaplain 
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