Thursday, June 25, 2015

Don't Linger Too Long At Closed Doors

Not being selected for  everything you apply for is a blessing.

Everything you want is not always what's best for you. 

God, the universe, fate however you chose to call the divine authority in your life already knows what's best for you.

The desires of your heart are not a mystery or a surprise to Him.  Think back over your life and reflect on the things you desired and did not get.  How did that work out for you ?
What replaced or came into your life because that door of opportunity closed causing you to turn your attention elsewhere.

At the time the door closed you may have stood there (figuratively) looking at it maybe even knocking on it hoping against hope it would open up to you. 

It was not your door to access.  It was a sign and a message from above for you to go to another door that was more suited to your talents, skills and abilities.

The first door may have been a position you were willing to settle for "in the meantime " until you found the position of your dreams. 

An opportunity that, had you taken it, you might have been underutilized or felt an obligation to stay with that could cause you to miss the true calling or project you were suppose to be involved with.

I know it's had to bypass those doors once their closed.  It's seems like a rejection (and in a way it is). Rest assured you are in good company because many a success person, millionaires even have had doors closed and been told "No" or "you can't do that " or "that won't work ".

If they believed that, if they stayed looking at that closed door, they would not be the leaders and world changers they are today. 

So I ask you,  what doors are you still dwelling on that are keeping you for using your talents, skills and abilities to their maximum? 

Make the most of your life.


Tamia Dow
IAWP Chaplain

Twitter @ChaplainDow
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