Sunday, April 05, 2015

No one is the important one

No one is the important one 

What does the enemy (the negative talk in your head) tell you to silence your dreams ?

No one cares 
No one appreciates you 
No one likes you 
No one wants to hear you 
No one will come to see you speak 
No one cares about your causes 
No one will buy your book
No one wants to improve their life, attitude and situation 
No one cares you travel
No one wants tips on traveling around the world, alone and on a budget 
No one wants to hear how to spot and help a human trafficking victim 
No one cares how to help free a victim of abuse 
No one

Wow there's a lot of no ones out there and for no one 

I carry on ... 

Have you ever felt like No one and needed help ? 

There is help.
There is hope.
There is love.

No one doesn't have to make it through this life alone.

I am reaching out to everyone and especially to all the No ones. 

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