Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Happiness Is A Choice

As I shared my life story, adventures and experiences with fellow authors, editors and publishers at Author 101 in Los Angeles this past weekend I realize that happiness is a choice.  And the choice is mine (yours).

Each time I met and spoke to new acquaintances I watched God use other people to remind me of that.

They asked me about my journey, about being a plain clothes department store detective, about being in the military, about being a police officer, about traveling around the world, about being a chaplain and much much more.  

I realized how blessed I am and how far God has brought me.  I realized the many things He had brought me through.  The many times I looked death in the eye with no fear.  The many times I fought the fight for those who could not or would not fight it for themselves.  The many times I ...
Wow God's grace is amazing. 

I am so thankful.  I am thankful God gave me courage and boldness, compassion and mercy.  I am thankful for all the police calls and circumstances He went to before me, stood beside me and carried me through. Twenty-three years on the street of Las Vegas carrying the sword and shield of law enforcement.  My God is amazing. 

I am thankful definitely this day as He woke me up reminding me of what Sheriff Doug Gillespie  said at my retirement party, "every time I saw this great lady she had on a smile "

Happiness is a choice.

He chose to give me another day to make a difference.  I choose to make the most of it and celebrate it. 

I embrace happiness daily by choosing to look at what I am thankful for and by honestly saying (and believing) "I LOVE MY LIFE" !!!!

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