Sunday, April 26, 2015

Study Success

So often people say they want to be successful. Successful in doing what they consider to be their heart's desire. Yet what do they do?

What are they doing to be successful?

Are they doing it alone? Why?

Why reinvent the wheel when you know it's already been done and done well?

If you desire to be successful find someone who is successful in the field you enjoy and copy them.

Contact them and ask them for advice.

Ask them if they're available to be your mentor. To help direct your life to similar success.

If you do not ask you will not know.

Always be proactive.

The universe rewards action.

Success is yours. So Make it so.

Tamia Dow
IAWP Chaplain
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Monday, April 20, 2015

Shine your light

Shine your light

Today as you go to work take sometime to focus on the positive.

Focus on the blessing you have. 

Focus on the talents your have.

Focus on how you can best use those talents to serve the world.

We all have a special purpose here on earth.

Turn off the radio, tune out the noise and listen closely to what your heart song sings.

What does your inner self long to do ?

Who did you first (before the world of work flooded in) want to be ?

Really who ?

Who did your teenage self see you as by now ? 

Not simply your chosen job or profession  but the WHO you dreamed of Being.

It's never too late to BE the person you want to be.

Once you put your mine to it again and commit to moving non-stop towards it.  You can do it.

Put your mind to it.  Write it down. Speak it out.  Pray about it. Meditate on it.  Believe you can do it. Silence the negative self talk and naysayers and decide.  YOU DESERVE TO BE who you want to be.

Make sure your desire adds value and is of service to others and watch how your actions and thought help you attract what you need to accomplish it. 

TRY IT!  See what happens.

And let me know.  I am excited to see your light shine bright like a lighthouse guiding others safely to their homes. 

Stay Safe.

Tamia Dow 
IAWP Chaplain
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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Happiness Is A Choice

As I shared my life story, adventures and experiences with fellow authors, editors and publishers at Author 101 in Los Angeles this past weekend I realize that happiness is a choice.  And the choice is mine (yours).

Each time I met and spoke to new acquaintances I watched God use other people to remind me of that.

They asked me about my journey, about being a plain clothes department store detective, about being in the military, about being a police officer, about traveling around the world, about being a chaplain and much much more.  

I realized how blessed I am and how far God has brought me.  I realized the many things He had brought me through.  The many times I looked death in the eye with no fear.  The many times I fought the fight for those who could not or would not fight it for themselves.  The many times I ...
Wow God's grace is amazing. 

I am so thankful.  I am thankful God gave me courage and boldness, compassion and mercy.  I am thankful for all the police calls and circumstances He went to before me, stood beside me and carried me through. Twenty-three years on the street of Las Vegas carrying the sword and shield of law enforcement.  My God is amazing. 

I am thankful definitely this day as He woke me up reminding me of what Sheriff Doug Gillespie  said at my retirement party, "every time I saw this great lady she had on a smile "

Happiness is a choice.

He chose to give me another day to make a difference.  I choose to make the most of it and celebrate it. 

I embrace happiness daily by choosing to look at what I am thankful for and by honestly saying (and believing) "I LOVE MY LIFE" !!!!

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Sunday, April 05, 2015

No one is the important one

No one is the important one 

What does the enemy (the negative talk in your head) tell you to silence your dreams ?

No one cares 
No one appreciates you 
No one likes you 
No one wants to hear you 
No one will come to see you speak 
No one cares about your causes 
No one will buy your book
No one wants to improve their life, attitude and situation 
No one cares you travel
No one wants tips on traveling around the world, alone and on a budget 
No one wants to hear how to spot and help a human trafficking victim 
No one cares how to help free a victim of abuse 
No one

Wow there's a lot of no ones out there and for no one 

I carry on ... 

Have you ever felt like No one and needed help ? 

There is help.
There is hope.
There is love.

No one doesn't have to make it through this life alone.

I am reaching out to everyone and especially to all the No ones.