Saturday, January 31, 2015

Super Bowl Game Face

"Putting on your game face" has a whole different meaning to thousands of sex workers putting on their game faces around the country especially in Phoenix and Vegas   for the Super bowl.  These ladies (and some boys) are forced participants in a different "Game", The Game of Sex for sale.  They are trafficking victims. Some may tell you they are doing it by choice. Selling themselves. Yet there is usually someone else making money off of their actions and that is the pimp. 
P I M P a person profiting in manipulation (of) people. Living off of the earnings of another who was by force, fraud, fear or coercion brought into "The Game".

The sad thing is recently young girls have been seeing Sex for Sale as an opportunity to make money.  More than working at McDonalds, the mall or babysitting.  Media, young men and even their own girlfriends (school mates) are teaching them about being "on the blade". They offer "negotiable affection" to all buyers. 

These children will use Facebook, Instagram, the Internet and other forms of social media to "show" themselves available.  "Looking for fun" and "a good time" (other code words are used too to entice buyers).

Calling themselves "independents" these children make dates (encounters with paying customers for sex). 

Don't be fooled.  These children are being manipulated.  They may even be the victims of institutionalized trafficking where their mother, uncle, brother is/was a pimp or a prostitute and it's the life style they know.  They may have been sexually abused when they were younger causing their young brain to believe sex for money or as a tool of control is normal.

Make no mistake, understand these children are victims. They are sexually exploited minors. They may be runaways, homeless or kidnapped then taken in and convinced their trafficker loves them and needs them to "work".

Under aged children are always considered exploited.  The use of children in the commercial sex trade is prohibited both under US law and by statutes in most countries around the world. When a child under the age of 18 is recruited,enticed, harbored, transported, provided, obtained or maintained to perform a commercial sex acts, proving fraud, force, or coercion is not necessary for the offense to be characterized as human trafficking. 

Early exposure to any sex act is child abuse yet imagine the amount of sexual situations our children see on TV before they are nine years old. They believe it is the way to behave and an easy way to make money.

Our children are at risk and our society needs to be informed to help prevent and rescue them from a life of sex slavery.

This is not something that's happening overseas.  This is happening in our towns and neighborhoods.  

This weekend tens of thousands of incidents of the purchasing of another human being's body for the purpose of sexual gratification will occur.  That's the behind the scenes at "The Big Game". 

Pray for the teams out there right now working to save these abused, missing and exploited children.

Find Rescue  Embrace  Empower 

Nevada Sex Trafficking Awareness Campaign 

To Support Housing and Rehabilitation of Victims

For Men Only:
The Demand

#StopHT #untileveryoneisfree #humantrafficking. #SuperBowl

Sunday, January 04, 2015

2015 New Vision

Then the Lord replied: "write down the vision and make it plain on tablets so that a herald may run with it"

I spent my Saturday afternoon, the first weekend of 2015 doing just that.
Creating my vision for 2015 plain.  I joined a group of friends from around the Las Vegas Valley to focus, pray and meditate on our dreams and goals for the new year .

We set our intentions and made our vision clear by the creating vision board using photos, pictures, words and creative drawings to send our desires into the universe.  The power of the positive energy manifest by this focused process is unparalleled.

Many successful people use this technique before they start any new project.

So what is your dream for this year ?

Become a sergeant
Start a new a Business
Become more healthy (good workout positive inspirations )
Reconnecting with family and friends

I encourage you to put together a Vision board with many inspirational images that will trigger your mind daily of you goals for 2015.

Be mindful each day of wether the activities you are choosing are moving you towards your vision or away from.

If they are moving you away from it then stop choosing the unproductive and choose the action that moves you towards successful accomplishment of your year's vision.

Also please share your vision board with me.  It will be between you and I.  I will pray over it and you and walk in agreement with the desires your heart has created.

Happy 2015 #bestyearever .  Have an excellent week.

Stay Safe.

IAWP Chaplain

Thursday, January 01, 2015


2015 will be your best year ever if you choose to make it so.

The opportunities that come your way this year good or bad can be used to make this year great.  It's entirely up to you.  Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you respond.  The choice is yours.  Anger or Peace will be up to you.  How will you choose ?