Tuesday, December 02, 2014


Let the "Thanks" Giving continue

Holiday Greetings Everyone,

This is the season encompassing many holidays and the approach of a new year.  In the US we have just had a very interesting week holidaywise.  The beginning of the week lead up to our Thursday  Thanksgiving.  Thanksgiving is a time traditionally when family and friends gather together and regardless of their faith or belief system the focus is on what they are thankful for.

The activities may be different; things like a prayer of thanksgiving around the table where each person at the table shares what they are thankful for to a tree formed by cutting construction paper where each attendee writes on a pre-cut leaf what they are thankful for and adds it to the tree.

How ever it is celebrated the key is to be thankful and to acknowledge that fact.

What are you thankful for ?  Please take a few minutes and think about it and then write it down.  Meditate on it.  When we know what we have and truly appreciate that blessing we fuel happiness and peace within our spirit.

On this #GivingTuesday I encourage you to keep up the Giving of "Thanks" spirit by emailing a picture, card or heartfelt greeting to someone you are thankful for and tell them why you appreciate them.  The act of sharing a kind word with someone who has made a difference in your life is priceless.  Even if you have already told them how you feel two days ago, this year on their birthday or last Christmas, tell them again.

#GivingTuesday also encourages people to donate to causes that are close to their heart.  So if you were planning to give a donation today is an excellent day.  Remember the IAWPF as you are making donations, help share the gift of education with our international colleagues.  Get more info on our Home page.

We all know it warms our heart to know someone sincerely appreciates us, not just on special occasions but always.

People and the relationship you have with them are priceless.  Much more valuable than anything (item) you can accumulate during this heightened shopping season.

Send your thanks.  Share your love and appreciation with the people in your life.

Trust me it will be very encouraging for them and you too.  Find some way to give thanks.

Bosses, coworkers and neighbors who have helped you throughout the year are great candidates for this Continued Thanksgiving season.

Stay Safe and Enjoy the holiday season.

IAWP Chaplain