Saturday, May 31, 2014

Good Bye May

The month of May is drawing to a close.  Graduation season, summer vacation and adventure are ahead for many people yet I want to take a minute and say good bye to May 2014.

In the US this month is filled with celebrations.  One of which for me is my birthday so I make the entire month of May a time to Celebrate.  I love to celebrate with friends and people I meet in life. May 1st marked May Day.  May 5th was Cinco de Mayo (a day celebrated big in my area of the US which has a large Mexican influence.  May 11th was Mother's Day a day I was thankful to God to be able to celebrate with my mom. May 14th was my birthday which I also celebrated with my mom and friends.  I love to spoil my mom and on my birthday it a perfect day to celebrate her because she gave me life.  Thank you Mom.  On May 24 I attend my friend Amanda's wedding and was able to celebrate and meet her family and make new friends in Omaha, Nebraska.  I had never visited there so it was a fun adventure. May 26th we celebrated Memorial Day and as a US Army veteran I always take the day to celebrate our fallen military men and women who chose to served this country and ultimately gave their lives to protect our freedom.  Thank you for your service.  When next you see a service member take a moment to smile and shake their hand and tell them "Thank you for your service "