Sunday, March 16, 2014

Vegas Lights

The Lights of the Night life 

Vegas is a city of lights.  

Our conference will be in Vegas at a perfect time.  The evenings are lit by the lights of the strip beaconing visitors to "Come See".  Our pleasant evening temperatures make walks along the strip inviting.

Your eyes will be exposed to mobile billboards, casino welcome boards, every shade of color you can imagine and a wide array of strip sidewalk performers.

Your fellow tourist may also be an interesting site.  People still believe "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. " and sometimes behave and or dress unconventionally.

Having patrolled the streets of Las Vegas for 23 years I can assure you what happens in Vegas can affect people all around the world.  
And the sights I have seen good and bad could fill several books. 

Be careful and wise as you enjoy all that Vegas has to offer. 

While on your Vegas adventure you could find yourself in Egypt (at the Luxor), Paris (at the Paris) , Rome (at Ceasar's Palace), Venice (at the Venetian) even New York City (at the New York, New York). 

You can be as busy as you want with the options available ; sight seeing, shopping, dining, watching casino shows and free entertainment.

Tomorrow I will share tips about the free shows around Vegas.

Stay Safe. (IAWP Region 9 and 10 Training Conference ) 

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