Friday, January 31, 2014

Happy Chinese New Year

Today begins the New Year in the Chinese Calendar.  It is the year of the horse.  This year is foretold to bring prosperity and favor in to people's lives.

I am excited about this year. I am a horse according to the Chinese Calendar.

I believe that regardless of the forecast for the year according to horoscopes or customs it is up to the individual experiencing the year to determine if its a good year or bad.

When many tragedies and set backs happen within a given year it is often said "this was a bad year".  Yet who makes that determination ?

If you made it through, took a chance, did your best, and stepped out in faith whose to determine that your year was bad ?

It's you.  It's up to you to interpret how you see a circumstance, your life and/or your year.

So let's say you decide to embrace the concept that this New Year is a year of prosperity.  Do you then just sit back and say " ok universe, show me prosperity" ?

Do you ?

Or do you decide to do all that is within your power TO DO to ensure this year is prosperous for you ?

That is up to you.

Happy Chinese New Year
Stay Safe