Thursday, September 19, 2013

South Africa

I have arrived safely, my luggage still hasn't.

Smiling BIG though.

Too many positives to even glance at the negatives.

I have arrived safely.
I was greeted by smiling friendly South African police officers that got me safely to my hotel, allowed me time to check-in and refresh and then took me to the mall to buy some clothes (as I have been in this outfit for two days and I did not pack a change of clothing in my carry-on). For future travel I will start packing at least two days worth of outfits in my carry on.  I can safely say in all my years of traveling around the world this is the first time (as far as I can remember) that my luggage did not at least join me at my destination within 24 hours of my arrival.

I have past the 24 hour arrival mark.  I am praying my airline will soon rectify my missing luggage issue.

Until then, I am off to the lobby to greet friends and delegates as they arrive at the hotel.

Safe travels to those still on their way. 

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