Tuesday, August 21, 2012

This summer has flown by. It is time for the holiday makers to head back to work and school. London had all eyes on it for the Olympics and they put on a very good show. Worldwide the most watched Olympics. It was a joy to be in London during the festivities. Eyes will soon turn back to London as the Paralympics are due to start very soon. If you get a chance make sure to watch some of the events. Kudos to IAWP President Jane Townsley and her team at the British Transport Police for helping make the Olympics flow smoothly. I only dealt with one train delay and it was on my way to Southampton (away from the London area). I also want to recognize Julia Jaeger whose team of volunteers made the Olympics experience a joy. Even up until the last day they were all smiles and eager to help. I found everyone I talked to in the service industry to be pleasant and extremely helpful when it came to giving directions and assistance. Now our eyes should be turning to the 50th Annual IAWP Training Conference that is taking place in St. Johns, Newfoundland in just a few weeks. There is still time to join the celebration. There will be outstanding international training and many new friends (and old) eager to see you. Start planning now. Head to the IAWP website (www.iawp.org). I look forward to seeing you there.