Monday, May 07, 2012

Toured the Tottenham Police Station

As an American Law Enforcer I was quite curious to see how the LVMPD style of policing differed from the London "Metropolitan" Police force. I walked into the Tottenham Police Station and joined the queue to see if I could get a tour of the police station. I brought my retirement credentials. I was in line for 20 minutes as a person in front of me was clearing up his warrants. The line behind me grew longer as more and more people entered and the lone officer working reception continued to work with this guy at the counter. There was a sign posted that said it appreciated our patience as we wait to be assisted. After about 30 minutes I caught the officer's attention and asked him who I needed to speak to inorder to get a tour of the substation. He had me wait as he went back to talk to his sergeant then he buzzed me through so that I could come into the back area. I was given a tour of the substation, it's booking area and interview rooms. They can house up to eight detainees at their facilty others can be milled out to other substation on a space available basis. Individual squads with their sergeants and officers rotation from correction duty (working bookings at the station) to foot patrol, riot control and mobile (vehicle) patrol. The constables can and do perform all police/corrections duties. At LVMPD we have police officer who work the streets and corrections officers who handle the jail. It was very interesting to see how it is done in Europe.

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