Monday, May 28, 2012

Happy Memorial Day

Thank you all who have served in the Armed Forces, are serving in the Armed Forces and who have given their lives while protecting our freedoms in the Armed Forces. Today in the United States we honor our fallen military personnel. The men and women who chose to serve their fellow man through service and the ultimate sacrifice (their life) for our country. If you know a veteran thank them for their service. If you are a veteran (as I am USArmy) thank you for choosing to serve. If you have a photo of the veteran please post it on face book atleast for today. Thank you all US Service members (and military service members through out the world). Have a safe day and I hope you had a nice weekend celebrating with your friends and family. (PICTURED HERE is IAWP member Birgit Farrier and her husband Victor who is a military recruiter. Thanks for your service Vic.)

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