Thursday, May 10, 2012

Behind The Scenes of the London Olympics

(Pictured in this photo are IAWP President - BTP Chief Inspector Jane Townsley and IAWP member - BTP Chief Inspector Theresa Ferguson) Back to my April post about Six Degrees of separation and how close we all are/can be to internationally recognized events occuring around the world. We (IAWP members) have the distinct honor of having in our midst, amongst our members and in our leadership many women who make the command decisions that keep event goers safe on the grand scale of things throughout the world. Our IAWP president Jane Townsley is the British Transport Police (BTP) Chief Inspector in charge of the Olympics planning and operations. I had the opportunity to visit her at BTP's Force Headquarters and to see the inner workings of Major Events planning. Chief Inspector Townsley's team has the Olympic focus yet while I was there I met members of the teams in charge of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee, The Para Olympic and other major events like Futbol. These teams plan for ever contingency and work like a well oiled machine. They do not reinvent the wheel. They use knowledge from all interested Law Enforcement Agencies and first responders to plan for a safe experience for the attendees. I cannot share all that I saw yet I will assure you if you are coming to the 2012 London Olympics (or any other events this summer) you are in good hands because conscientious eyes have ensured your safety.

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