Saturday, March 03, 2012

A Night in the Arabian Desert

Last Night members of the IAWP Board embarked on a journey into the desert on modern day horses (Toyota Land cruisers) to experience the beautiful brown sands of the Phoenix Safari Compound. We enjoyed Riding the sand dunes like roller coaster as our tour took us up, down and sliding sideways through the desert. It was very exciting especially for me because I love roller coasters, fun rides and speed.

We enjoyed some time with the local animal mode of transportation, the camels. There were ATV rides, Sand boarding, and opportunity to dress in traditional clothing (which the women of our group experienced at the mosque), Henna drawings (temporary tattoo) and a chance to smoke from a traditional pipe.

The highlight sunset. Followed by a moment when it was quite dark and they turned off the music and the lights so we could experience DARKNESS IN THE DESERT. That was very surreal. We do not often turn off our minds, music, activities and stop; then listen to the sounds of silence.

I thanked God for the experience of being at that place, at that time, with the people I was with and with my health; blessings that are beyond measure.

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