Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A Day in the life

This morining women and men from the Emirati Women Police Association and the members of the IAWP Board went on a tour of Abu Dhabi. The members of the EWPA shared stories with us and took us to locations that allowed us to expereince their culture and to participate in "A Day In The Life" of a Emirati women.

This was by experiencing their culture and walking around in their world for a day.

We started our day at the Sheikh Zayed Mosque. Where we donned our abayas and sheylas (head scarves) which were provided by the mosque and entered into the mosque where the procedure, purpose and process of a day of worship was explained to us. We had to remove our shoes as we entered the mosque. We were shown the area that prayer takes place and the ritual washing area to cleanse oneself before going to prayer.

It was a truly enligthening experience. The women and men of the EWPA were very willing to ensure we enjoyed our time exploring Abu Dhabi.

Monday, February 27, 2012

The Conference is well attended

The Welcome Dinner

Pictured here with the women from Qatar.

The Emirates Palace

The First Women Police Conference 2012

With Great appreciation to His Highness Lt. General Sheikk Saif Bin Layed Al Nahyan,
It is with great pleasure I write this blog from my room at the Intercontinental Hotel Abu Dhabi on the second evening of The First Women Police Conference 2012 in Abu Dhabi. The theme of this conference is "Women Policing ... New Horizns for the Future." This conference is the first to be conducted in the Gulf States.

The IAWP welcomes its new affiliate The Emirati Women Police Association whose president is 1st Lieutenant Amnah Mohamed. Amnah's determination and strong drive towards helping her fellow officers in being well trained and well educated in all aspects of policing inspired her to seek out the help and follow through with building the foundation to raise The Emirates Women Police Association.

Out of this foundation came this Women Policing Conference which is a historical event with women and men from all over the United Arab Emirates in attendance.

We started with a welcome dinner on Saturday evening where conference attendees were able to meet and greet their colleagues and network.

Sunday Morning we went to the Emirates Palace for our Opening ceremony and a nice luncheon.

Here are some pictures from the first two days.

Enjoy...more to come.

Thursday, February 09, 2012

Tamia Dow Day in the State Of Nevada

Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval proclaimed February 1, 2012 as Tamia Dow Day in the state of Nevada. The day was so named in recognition of Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Detective Tamia Dow's retirement after twenty-three years of serving the Las Vegas community, the county of Clark and the state of Nevavda.

The proclamation was presented to Tamia at her retirement ceremony at LVMPD Headquarters on February 1, 2012 by Terri Janison.