Sunday, January 01, 2012

Out with the old, In with the new

Happy 2012

For many 2011 was a trying year. There were tragedies, loss of loved ones, loss of property, natural disasters and countless other misfortunes I do not want to re-cap them all. I do not want to re-cap them because I took them to the curb. The heartache, trials an tribulations of 2011 I have place in the garbage. The rubbish has been given to the trash collector.

Carry it away. Remove it from my life. I do not want to see it any more as that will cause reflection. Time to wallow and comiserate. The things I keep are my victories. The positive thing I have learned from these experience. The positive things I accomplished in 2011.

To the evil things that attempted to undermine us in 2011 I command you go. Flee. Plague us no more. Bag up the ugliness and get rid of it. It is unnecessary luggage. Weighing you down, slowing you down and it does not need to follow you into 2012.

The choice is yours.

We all have trials and tribulations they come with being alive. How you choose to deal with them and view them will make or break you. Do you see them as opportunites to reach out to others in similiar situations to help them through? One Asian character reads crisis or opportunity it's the same graphic for the words it just depends on how you see it and interpret it.

In this new year I encourage you to throw away the old negative, carry over the positive and make the most of what you have.

Happy New Year.

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