Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Day 4 - Take Time To Be Kind

Have you ever had a door just slam in your face? Not because it is unmanned or automated yet because someone who was walking in front of you just did not take the time to look over their shoulder and see if someone was behind them.

Ever pass people on the street, in the hallway, in a store, while riding the bus or even walking around your office or work station without looking at them, acknowledging them, smiling or even saying hello?

Why is this so difficult?

Why is being kind and courteous a fleeting practice?

Do we really not want to interact with our fellow human beings?

Being that I am a very social person, people who walk around with their heads lowered or who look pass people so as not to have to acknowledge them give me pause. I pray for them. I wonder what has happened in their lives to make them so bitter and uncaring of the condition or existence of their fellow man.

We all have our own issues and problems. It is very dangerous to linger on them and bring them to work or take them out on others. Our co-workers (especially in law enforcement) are our lifelines. We should be able to share a smile, hold a door, ask a sincere "how are you?" and take a minute to listen. These same people are the people that will come running when you call for back up (assistance),even more so if they believe you care about them and you take the time to show them. You and your simple act of kindness can go a long way.

People do not care how much you know until they know how much you care. And how will they know? By your actions, positive or negative. You set the tone.

Please take the time to hold the door for a colleague or a stranger, to engage a person in converation in a bank or grocery line, to actually greet people in the morning (or beginning of shift) with a smile and sincere "how are you?".

Kindness goes a long way and is a way of blessing people. Your kind words can change a life. They've worked to encourage me along the way.

Take Time to Be Kind :)

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