Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Day 3 of the first 12 days of 2012 - GiveThanks

I know most of us officially returned to work today (for those of us who are paper pushers, detectives, administrators and the likes). Our colleagues worked the weekend. They worked the weekend keeping our streets, cities, towns, countries and world safe while we enjoyed our leisure. We had our time when we worked the holidays, late (over) nights and weekends. We are just in a different realm of the law enforcement machine. Every person’s role is important. Without the dispatchers screening and relaying calls and the maintenance staff who service our cars to ensure we make it safely to our calls or the administrators who ensure our paperwork is in order and the corrections officers that help us safely detain and house people for their court hearings. Without all these people who make law enforcement work we would not be successful.

So as you return to work take a moment to sincerely give thanks to your colleagues that assist you in serving your community.

I remember as a young patrol officer working the streets of Las Vegas on the graveyard shift (2200-0800 hours). Monitoring the streets checking the businesses, the homes and the pedestrians walking about to ensure they were in order. That no one was breaking into businesses or homes or out looking to do crimes under cover of darkness. At the time I knew my role as the graveyard officer was very important. My role - I ensured our citizens were safe 24 hours a day and had a police officer available to respond to assist them.

After I did my time on the graveyard shift I moved to swing shift (1500-0100 hours) and to day shift (0600-1600 hours) each with their own unique experiences and crimes. During my time in the field the thank you(s) I received from the citizens I served were few and far in between. It did not stop me from doing my job to the best of my ability yet it did make me even more determined to give thanks to those who helped make my job easier. I wanted to show them some honest and sincere appreciation for their help.

You will be surprised how far a thank you goes towards making a person feel appreciated.

Give Thanks. Thank a colleague for how they make a difference in your life and the life of others.

Be Safe.

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