Thursday, December 15, 2011

Insearch of Holiday Lights Around the world

"Happy Christmas" I heard one person say to another as I boarded a bus at King's Crossing. "Happy Christmas to you." they replied. I thought "Hummm, Isn't it Happy Holidays OR Merry Chistmas" The unique turn of phrase is always of interest to me. I have to remember I am going to the toilet or the loo here not the rest room or the bath room. Language and the use of phrases are very interesting.

I also asked "Where are the Holiday decorations?" On my train ride from Heathrow to London Center I only counted two houses (which I could see into the windows of from the window of the train) that had decorated Christmas trees. I did not see any candles or multi-color light. By this time in most US cities neighborhoods would be brightly lit with holiday decorations.

So my mission while here is to find the Christmas trees and holiday lights Of London.

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