Monday, October 31, 2011

The C word

In recent months I have learned more than I wanted to about and unfortunate illness, Cancer.

The C Word.

Breast, Prostate, Lung, Bone. Sadly this attacker dwells among us and is inhabiting our friends and loved ones.

I pray often with friends and family members who get the news after discoveries of lumps, P.E.T. Scans, Biopsies, Chemotherapy, Radiations... the list of procedures go on and on.

The great thing about IAWP is that no one has to go through the journey and treatment alone. You have your friends and collegues at IAWP here. We are available to talk to you, pray with you and share survivor stories. There are many stories of cancer survival within the membership of IAWP.

Facebook has been a Godsend the many of the members. We become Facebook friends with one another and post our joys, daily activities and other issues (such as our own illnesses or family members). People request positive thought, good energy and prayer for their ailing loved ones or themselves.

You can find me on Facebook at Chaplain Dow.

There is also a weekly Prayer Team that meets to exclusively pray for Law Enforcement and specific request from Law Enforcement Officers.

You are not alone. Do not choose to quietly walk your life journey. Share your burden with others. You never know how much your journey can serve to encourage anoher person or maybe you will find other survivor's story an encouragement to you.