Saturday, August 20, 2011

Conference Planning at it's finest

The second day of the meeting your Board worked on strategic planning.

The objectives of the IAWP Strategic Planning Committee are to:
1) ensure the plan is successfully implemented by:
a) ensuring the plan is communicated to IAWP members, creating excitement about opportunities to
b) working with the IAWP Board of Directors, our management team, to develop the 2010-2011 portion of
the strategic plan
c) managing the process for the development and implementation of IAWP 2010-2011 Work Plans which
support the overall strategic plan.
2) create a system for continued high performance through the development of an annual cycle which includes
accountability for activities, plan review/revision, and inclusion of all members demonstrating interest and
competence, including:
a) a reporting out process, taking into account the key success measures
b) aligning the Strategic Plan’s financial requirements to the budget cycle of the IAWP
c) developing an organizational Strategic Planning network throughout the IAWP

The meeting was very productive.

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