Sunday, July 10, 2011

Freedom is not free

Happy weekend everyone. I hope you had a great one spending time with family and friends. Some of you may have attended a place of worship or spent time meditating or other endeavors to enhance your spiritual life. As you enjoyed the freedom to do so do you ever think of who sacrificed to bring about that freedom to worship? Regardless of your style of worship chances are there was and still is a force that did/does not want you to have the freedom to do so. In my country there is freedom of religion. Today in service I thought of the men and women who fight daily to defend that right. I also prayed for my friends in other countries who have to practice their religion in private, the ones who are persecuted even killed for their beliefs. I prayed for their freedom to worship.

We are all mind, body, and spirit. We have to feed all parts to survive and thrive. We have hunger, eat and function well. We get tired, we rest our bodies and renew our strength. We get discouraged and overwhelmed with all that is expected and required of us and we seek wholeness from our source of strength, our higher power. Some thing more than ourselves. This action renews our spirit man and makes us whole.

This is freedom.

Let's not forget those both worshippers and defenders of freedom that are dying daily and have died to give that right to us.

Have a Safe and Happy week.

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