Saturday, March 19, 2011

Taking On Life's Mountains

Prayer Mountain Climb

The journey to successfully accomplishing a mission begins with the thought/vision/idea, follows with action and ends with completion.

In these photos you see me with Prayer Mountain (located on the Northwest end of the Las Vegas Valley) behind me. The thought : I should climb to the top of Prayer Mountain. If you look to the left of my left shoulder you will vaguely see the flag on the top of the mountain. The mound of dirt in this photo looks like a hill yet I can assure you it is a mountain. We did not walk up the mountain. We climbed the mountain. There were several points where we were faced with many rock walls that had to be climb with proper hand and foot placement and coordination.

The journey itself was a great lesson of life because I looked at that mountain sitting there and with my prior military (US Army) “can do” mentality thought “piece of cake”. Needless to say it was not a piece of cake. It was a lot of work, it was not as easy as it looked and it did not happen as quickly as I thought. Neither are the challenges we face in life. My friend Nicholle and I started up the hill. Taking/recruiting someone to join you on the journey can help you accomplish your mission. We both had the vision to get to the top of the hill. We both had the commitment to get to the top of the hill. We showed up at 0730 hours on a Saturday morning, dressed for the weather in comfortable shoes and determined to reach our goal.

We encouraged each other along the way. We shared stories of prior successes and the many failed attempts in our lives that we persevered and finished. We knew when we started that we would triumphantly stand on the top. Then we did it. We made it to the top.

In these photos you see the start, the midway point (which has a picture of me with the actual Prayer Mountain Church behind me) and the glorious arrival at the top of the mountain.

I hope that when you are faced with the mountains in your life you look at them and take them on because the view is beautiful from the top (and do not forget to bring a friend along).

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Miyuki is OK, Continue to pray

It is with great joy I announce that our colleague and IAWP member Miyuki Shiina who works and lives in a town outside of Tokyo, Japan is safe. She and her family safely survived the earthquake and are enduring the after shocks.

When you are a member of IAWP you make friends and know people all over the world. So when disasters and incident occur around the globe, we immediately become concerned. I, as your IAWP Chaplain, begin praying and have my prayer team, and Facebook friends pray too. I strongly believe in the power of prayer. Prayer also helps the pray-er.

People always tell me they feel at a loss for what to do when they hear sad news of death, loss and disaster. They say they do not know what to do. I always tell them to pray.

So many of us have diverse beliefs as to if there is someone or something to pray to. I believe there is God, who answers our prayers and gives us comfort when we come to him with our prayer request. Some go to a priest or Iman or shaman (there are countless titles for spiritual leaders). Whom ever you pray to the prayer itself begins the healing for both you and the person/people you are praying for. They may never know you prayed for them yet they will feel the results of your prayers. I have seen so many miracles happen when people pray.

We have been praying for the nation's law enforcement officers injured in the line of duty and have been hearing about great recovery. My prayer team meets on Friday morning to pray. They are concerned citizens who love and respect the men and women who wear the badge. They are mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers, spouses,friends and lovers of a serving law enforcement officer and they are dedicated to covering our law enforcement officers with prayer. We pray for the ones we know of specifically by name and then we pray for those we may not know their names. Everyone gets prayed for.

If you ever have or know of an officer that has need of prayer, please contact me.

You can contact me on Facebook at Chaplain Dow or via email at .

It is my honor to pray for you, your family, your friends and/or colleagues when they are in need. I believe prayer changes things.

Please keep Miyuki and the people of Japan in your prayers as they deal with the clean up, after shocks and loss caused by the Earthquake. Pray for Hawaii and the West Coast of the US who received some damage after the waves from a Tsunami triggered by the earthquake hit their shores. Pray for the New Jersey area in the US that is dealing with flooding. Pray for New Zealand whose people are recovering from their second earthquake in a year and for the East Coast of Australia that is still dealing with the aftermath of extensive flooding.

There is a lot to pray about. Please join me.

If you do not know what to say just ask/request "Help these who are affected by ______. Bless them with peace and give the direction on how to make it through. Help them."

Give thanks for those who have survived for it is the survivors who are mourning and the survivors that need our prayers. Also pray for the strength of the First Responders. When disaster strikes your law enforcement comes. They work long shifts leaving their families to help others. Pray for their strength and safety. Also pray for their families who give up their time with their officers to you.

Have a safe week.

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Happy Fat Tuesday

Eat,drink and be merry for tomorrow Lent begins.

Mardi Gras - Laissez les bons temps rouler (Let the good times roll)

Many people throughout the world and especially in the U.S. celebrate the day before the beginning of the Christian Lenten Season. It is the day when you can indulge yourself in your heart's desire because on Wednesday you give up a vice or guilty pleasure in honor of the 40 day journey Jesus Christ took before he died on the cross. It is called in English "Fat Tuesday". Parades are held and major parties with all the decadence you can imagine on hand.

Most people observe the Mardi Gras part. Not many know the origin or that the next day a 40 day fast or sacrifice of comforts is suppose to follow. Having been raised Catholic I remember the Lenten season and as an adult still honor it. There is nothing wrong with taking 40 days to reflect or abstain from a vice or indulgence and to re-focus on why you are really here.

Whatever your belief is, most of us believe we are here on this earth for more than just a good time. Most of us know because of our chosen professions that service to others is key to our life's fulfillment. So eat. drink and be merry (because we all need to unwind). Then tomorrow re-focus on what really matters.

Safely serving other.

Have a Happy Mardi Gras.

Saturday, March 05, 2011

Schoolhouse Rock - Three is a Magic Number

Three is a magic number. How many of us remember "School House Rock" from when we were growing up? I remember it used to be on TV on Saturday mornings. I learn about numbers, multiplication, grammar and social studies from "School House Rock". I knew all the segments by heart and can still sing most of them to this day. In the month of March, the third month of this year I thought I would share this video.

It is hard to believe we are three months into the new year. It seems it was just yesterday we were ringing in the new year and making our new year resolutions. By the way, how are your's coming along?

This month the U.S. and many other countries will be celebrating Saint Patrick's Day (March 17, 2011) and Mardi Gras which will be followed by the personal sacrifice of the Lenten season. Spring will show it precious and long awaited face soon and we will all turn our minds towards family holidays and Spring Break trips. All of these celebrations are designed to be done in fellowship, active interaction with others. Our friends, our loved ones, family and church members.

Always remember the most valuable thing that can not be redeemed once it is squandered is your Time. Time spent with family and friends is the greatest gift you can give them.

Enjoy your Third month of the year. Make it magic for the special people in your life.