Friday, January 28, 2011

Warrior and Lovers

It is my honor to be a part of the intercessory prayer team for Law Enforcement that meets weekly at a local church in Las Vegas called Prayer Mountain. Prayer Mountain sits at the base of a mountain at the far West end of Cheyenne Road. It overlooks the city and from the Mountain you can see the whole of the Las Vegas Valley and beyond. We like to say it overlooks THE WORLD. Prayer Mountain is a part of the International Church of Las Vegas of which I am a member. The ICLV focus is the world. As the Chaplain of the IAWP my focus is the law enforcement officers of THE WORLD. We share a common focus.

The neat thing about being the Chaplain of the IAWP and a currently serving law enforcement officer is I have the heart of the church and the heart of the law. I carry a gun and a badge and I carry a bible. I invite the Lord on all my journeys and know he has seen me through them. I am a warrior in the sense of my law enforcement duties and a lover of people in my compassion to serve them and help them have a safer and better life. I am a warrior in the sense of the Gospel that I stand firm on my Faith and believe God will work all things together for good for those who love Him (and His people) and I love His people even the unloveable. Even those who hurt me and do spiteful things against me. I am called to love from a higher authority. Most humans do not understand forgiveness and unconditional love for people one does not even know.

In this past week several Officers walked into darkness to bring the light and were attacked. Some were over taken by the darkness though in the end the light was able to overtake the darkness (the suspects were stopped) and we lost five warriors. Four in Florida and one in Indiana. They chose to enter in to the war as a soldier and all soldiers know that one day their life may be required of them. Yet they still went in. We all still enter in. Daily because of our love for our fellow man. No greater love has a (hu)man than to lay down their life for another.

We prayed for the injured officers for speedy and full recoveries. We prayed for the families left behind when we lost the officers at the hand of violent offenders. We prayed for the grieving colleagues and first responders who arrived on the sceene, escorted the bodies of their fallen comrades, the ones who though they tried could not get there and for those who personally knew and loved them. We prayed for the shocked communities that these officer protected and served in and for the unknown survivors that many do not know are in mourning.

We prayed for a hedge of protection around the officers currently out there in the jails, prisons, patrol car, detective bureaus, on the borders, in our airport and train stations. Where ever they may be we prayed for divine covering and divine eyes filled with wisdom and insight to discern the bad guys and foil their evil schemes.

We prayed and came into agreement with the "Below 100" Campaign. The goal to keep 2011 Line of Duty deaths below 100. We prayed and came into agreement with the "Not Today" awareness campaign. For officers to stay alert on every call and begin every shift saying and focusing on Today NOT being their day, with that shift NOT being their last shift because of evil actions at the hands of a bad guy.

Please join us in this prayer over our law enforcement officers worldwide. We prayed for one week, seven days without a Line of Duty (LOD) death. I hope you can believe for that miracle. 7 Days no LODs.

Join us in faith, will you?

Stay Safe and enjoy your blessings. I pray for each person reading this blog, I pray you will be showered with many blessings for your compassion for our law enforcement officers.

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