Monday, January 03, 2011

On The Third Day


So how are we doing on staying on track for our 2011 goals. Yes I said goals. Resolutions seem like a huge thing whereas we set goals for our lives all the time and they do not cause us much anxiety.

Did you make a list? Did you write out your 11 goals for 2011?

If you have not, it is not too late. We are only three days into this new year. You have 362 more days to accomplish your goals. One of my goals for this year is to read many of the inspirational books I have added to my library over the years. I have accumulated so many books I am sure I am at well over a thousand. I have seven book cases full of Christian, Police, Writing, Travel, Movie, Leadership and Self-Improvement related books. I love to read. I actually love to skim. I buy full books, go to the table of content, look for the title of chapters of interest, read that/those chapters and put the book on my book shelves. I have decided this year I will completely read all the books I choose this year.

This weeks book is "It's Not About Me" by Max Lucado. It is a very good book and I have posted insights from the book on my Facebook page. I am dilligently working towards accomplishing one of my 2011 goals.

Another one of my 2011 Goals is to "Pay It Forward" everyday of this year. This means that I am to do a random act of kindness (an action that blesses another person unasked for or requested). This can be paying for the person behind you's coffee or the car behind you's drive through order. You could pay a person expired parking meter. Bring a card, coffee, soda or tea for a co-worker just because. Random Acts of Kindness (Paying it Forward) is about love. Love for your fellow human being.

Join me on this mission. Think of something you can do to bless someone by your actions and then do it. If you cannot commit to doing it every day how about once a month or once a week. Think of how much difference you can make in someone's life by doing this. You could be an answer to prayer. Someone's angel. I hope you consider doing this.

It is never too late to set goals for success. Today write down what you want to have done in your life by December 31, 2011. Look at my previous post about how to define your course of action in accomplishing your goal. I wish you success with your goals this year. The first step is to identify them. Write it down, then act. I look forward to walking with you on this success journey.

Stay Safe.

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