Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Eleven U.S. Officers shot in a 24 hour period

January 23 -24, 2011 was very deadly for Law Enforcement Officers in the United States. Yesterday I blogged about the first seven officers and the incidents they were involved in. Since then four more were injured by gun fire.

This is a call to pray. To cover the men and women of law enforcement worldwide. When times are good and uneventful we do not feel a need to pray. This removes the necessary covering that our protectors need. The power of prayer is undeniable. Regardless of your religious practice most religions have prayer and meditation as a means to communicate with their higher power. The prayer opens the line of communication and allows the person praying to ask for help for themselves and others.

This act of faith is a blessing. When you pray you have to believe that your prayers are heard by your higher power and will be answered.

I prayed for the speedy and full recovery of the injured officers and also prayed for the family friends and colleagues of St. Petersburg Police Department
(Florida) Sergeant Tom Baitinger and Police Officer Jeffrey Yaslowitz who died in the line of duty this morning while serving a search warrant.

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