Sunday, November 28, 2010


I hope everyone had a great weekend. I especially hope our US members enjoyed this long Thanksgiving holiday weekend. I hope you spent it with friends, family and loved ones and remembered those who are no longer with us to join in the celebration.

I counted my blessings as I hosted my family at my home. A traditional holiday in our family is generally centered around a meal. The tradition of the family sitting around the table discussing their lives and their days have long gone by the way side. With hectic schedules and numerous distractions the evening meal can be rushed and unconnected.

The television was turned off and the cell phones silenced as my family, each one, gave thanks for something specific in their lives, we honored each other with positive affirmations and honored our father (Zellie Lee Dow Jr who passed away two years ago). We stood in a circle holding hands (the power of connection) sharing each other's energy. When we finished our thanksgiving thoughts we prayed for protection, good health and a prosperous new year. I PRAY THAT PRAYER FOR EVERYONE READING THIS RIGHT NOW.

Each family has different Thanksgiving traditions and I would love to hear yours. Please share them with me on Facebook (by searching for Chaplain Dow) or email me at

Another part of the Thanksgiving holiday season is shopping. The day after Thanksgiving is called Black Friday because retailers plan big sales to lure in consumers with the goal of making their store's profits go from being in the red (owing) to being in the Black (profitting). The Thursday paper is bigger than most Sunday Papers with ads from every store you can imagine encouraging the consumer (shopper) to visit their store and purchase lots of merchandise. They list popular items as incentive to get you to come to their store and advertise an early opening with special prices to get you there. They call them "Door Buster" because the items are priced so low people will wait in line and bust through the door to get them when they become available.

Everyone brought a Thursday paper when they arrived at my house (I have a lot of paper for recycling tomorrow). After dinner we compared advertisement and mapped out a shopping plan. Las Vegas is a 24 hour town so most of the major retailers are open 24 hours. We decided to stay up and go shopping at midnight to catch the 1201 am sales which would have the November 26th date.

The fun of the whole Black Friday Door Buster experience is really the company you have while enjoying it. There was really no thing so pressing that it could not wait until any day to be purchased during the sale. It was the act of shopping with my mom and my siblings that made it fun. I also later that day shopped with a friend again for the fellowship and adventure not so much the items we bought.

Eating meals out at restaurants with friends, visiting friends and hanging out with friends rounded out the Thanksgiving activities.

My mom enjoyed driving around my neighborhood looking at the Holiday lights that were displayed on many homes. For some the day after Thanksgiving is a time to decorate their houses for the upcoming holidays. Looking at the holiday lights while listening to the radio playing seasonal music really gets me in the mood for the season.

I observe Christmas and will be completing my Christmas decorating this week. In the coming weeks in recognition of the diverse religions our member's observe, I will be sharing religious traditions and observances from around the world. I would like to make them as personal as possible so if you would like to share a story of how your family celebrates and/or observe an upcoming religious holiday please contact me. I know our members would love to hear stories from around the world.

I pray you all stay safe and have a great week.

with gratitude,

Chaplain Dow

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