Monday, October 11, 2010

Happy Columbus Day, Happy Thanksgiving

On this day the United States celebrates Columbus Day most schools and public services are closed in honor of this day. Canada is celebrating Thanksgiving and also have the day off in honor of this day.

For those of you who are enjoying a day off at home I hope you have made great plans to be with family, friends and neighbors as you celebrate.

Have a great day.

Sunday, October 10, 2010


Triple tens. This date combo will not be seen again in most of our lifetimes. When unique days like these are presented to us. We should reflect on how we are going to make this day memorible. Will you plan a big family dinner? Will you take a friend or loved one on a great escape adventure? Will you make a phone call or write a card or email to encourage someone? What will you do?

The action word is what stands out to me. DO. What will you do?

I look forward to hearing your stories.

Here in Vegas it's a beautiful day. I am off to make the most of it. Enjoy and Be Safe.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Women of IAWP donned pink during or Fall Conference in Honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Many of our members have been touched by breast cancer both through personal experience or through their friends and loved ones. Let's pray for the survivors and for the family, friends and colleagues of those who lost their battle with this disease.

Remember to schedule your mammogram this month. Early detection and prevention are key to defeating this illness.

Cheers to the survivors. You are examples to us all. Please send me the stories of your success. I would love to share your testimony to encourage those who are facing cancer. Shine your victory, save a life, be a blessing.

Friday, October 01, 2010

A beautiful ending to a successful conference

We are all heading home or on to our extended vacations after a night of fun and fellowship. Some have a short drive home, some a quick plane or train ride, still others hours of overseas travel. To all I bid a safe journey home.