Saturday, September 11, 2010

A Day of Remembrance

September 11, 2001 / nine eleven / nine one one. It is said it is a day in history that changed America forever. This year is the ninth anniversary of the World Trade Center Tragedy. Many across the United States are commemorating this day. President Obama called for a day of “Remembrance and Service” where citizen’s honor this day and the fallen by helping their fellow man. Adversity calls for strength.

It calls for resilient people:

To decide to “Do Good” in response to evil.

To set an example for the next generation.

To show that one day of terror instead of inciting fear and apprehension instilled honor, pride and patriotism.

This year September 11 marks the end of Ramadan and the second day of the new year for Hebrews and people who observe the Jewish religion. Looming over this day of honor is a Florida pastor’s plan to burn a Quran if the proposed mosque site at ground zero is not moved. Destroying any belief system's holy book is controversial.

This distracts from the remembrance of the 3,000 people who died as a result of the 2001 September 11 Attack attempts. The men and women of the New York Area law enforcement and firefighting community, the passengers on the American and United Airline flights who departed from Boston on their way to Los Angeles, the passengers on United Flight 93 who departed Newark on their way to San Francisco, the passengers on American Airlines 77 which departed from Washington’s Dulles Airport, the victim at the Pentagon and the World Trade Center. The loss of each one of these lives must not be forgotten as the year roll by.

The end of Ramadan is supposed to be a day of both celebration and happiness, but instead, it can’t be helped that it is also a day that many are reminded of the events that took place nine years ago.

President Obama in the remembrance of the 9/11 attacks will be addressing the nation from the Pentagon. This will be his second time addressing the anniversary of the 9-1-1 since he’s taken office. He spoke of it yesterday during a press conference. The events of nine years ago are permanently sewn into the fabric of America. It also affected the world as the way America is seen and Americans are treated abroad has been on a roller coaster ride for nine years. Supporters, sympathizers, and people up to no good pay close attention to how the US reacts to issues of controversy and times of remembrances. Please pray for a safe September 11, 2010. Pray for peace. Pray for safety. Also pray for our troops serving overseas and their families, friends, and loved ones who are missing them and praying for them too. We asked that they will all be strengthened and encouraged and know that their sacrifices are appreciated.

Being an international association we are blessed with members of many different religions and belief systems. With that we have the opportunity to hear/learn about many points of views on issues affecting the members of our association. I am thankful for this organization because we are so diverse and do not endorse one religion over another. Our members set out daily on their individual spiritual journeys and know in the end only they will have to answer to their choices.
Today I hope you choose to join me in praying for peace and safety.

I pray that September 11, 2010 will be a safe day on the streets of all nations and that no law enforcement, military or civilian lives are lost at the hands of terrorism.

Have a fun day filled with remembrance, family and joy.

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