Tuesday, August 17, 2010

IAWP Conference Around the Corner

48th Annual IAWP Training Conference "Strength In Unity"

September 26-30, 2010 the women and men of the International Association of Women Police will gather in Minneapolis, MN USA to honor our fallen female law enforcers (Both Nationally and Internationally) and to participate in multi-discipline law enforcement training.

Plan on joining us in this beautiful location where the evening activities include a hospitality night at the Hardrock Cafe which will be hosted by the 2011 Lexington, Kentucky and the 2012 St. John, Newfoundland Conference Committees. Word has it there will be a special IAWP pin designed especially for our visit to their fair city.

The Mall of America will be ours for a night (or longer if you choose because I am sure coupons will be involved). The Mall of America is truly an adventure with an Amusement Park and rides along with every store you could imagine. I am sure for those who are so inclined you could spend MANY hours in Retail Therapy.

Wednesday there will be a Minneapolis Warehouse District Pub Crawl. This will be a great opportunity to get to know new people and to unwind with your friends and companions.

The Banquet which is held on the final night of our conference is called "The North Woods" at Nicollet Island. I know the Minneapolis conference committee has great things planned for our time in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area.

If you have not booked your flight, or your room or registered for the conference, there is still time. Go to www.iawp2010.org . Contact your regional coordinator or the conference committee if you are in need of a roommate. Sharing the expenses make a conference enjoyable and affordable. Sometimes there are attendees that have an extra bed in their rooms and enjoy sharing their rooms and mentoring new attendees through their conference experience.

If you have an excuse why you can not come to the IAWP 2010 Conference let me know, then come back and read my next post about "INVESTING IN YOU".

Stay Safe

Chaplain Dow