Friday, May 14, 2010

22nd Annual Candlelight Vigil (Washington D.C.)

May 13, 2010 at 8pm hundreds of law enforcement officers, their friends, families and loved ones filled the grounds of the National Law Enforcement Officer Memorial to honor fallen officers. The walls of the memorial were loving decorated by those who care for the fallen officers. These officers willing served and faithfully gave their lives in service to their fellow human beings. They stood on the Thin Blue Line that protects our citizen from total chaos. The thin line of men and women standing in the gap for law and order. A line when defended may end in the loss of blood, sweat, physical health or ultimately the lives of those who man it. Hundreds of thousand take up the shield of defense worldwide to protect their communtiy and serve those who sleep soundly at night knowing we, the law enforcers of the world, have the watch.

At the end of their watch, when a law enforcement officer pays the ultimate price the surviving law enforcers surround them, safely removes them, and sees them soundly to their final place of rest. They embrace their families and loved ones and ensure the families their fallen hero will never be forgotten. The Police family is a tight knit family that cares for the loved ones left behind.

Last night as we watched a candle be lit which lit another candle and that lit yet another candle, many looked into the eyes of the person next to them, the person that willing shared the light with them and smiled. A smile of hope. A smile of promise. A smile of remembrance. A smile that said, "You are not alone". It was powerful.

The true light was shared and lit up the venue surrounding the thin blue light that shot out from the stage into infinity. For the protectors of world are everywhere.

This morning President Obama recognized the Top Cops in the US. Today I say congratulations to each and everyone of them. I also commend the many men and women who attended Police Week this year. They came from around the world to join in our celebration of the lives of these heroes. Since I have been here I have met attendees from all over the world, Canadian, British and Scottish officers. Police Week is well worth the journey to enjoy the fellowship with other Protectors of order. If you ever have the opportunity it is worth the endeavor.

Stay Safe out there.

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