Monday, May 31, 2010

Happy Memorial Day

I would like to thank all of the men and women of the World's Armed Service (Especially the U. S. Armed Services) current or former as today the United States honor it's Service Member for their service. They protect our lives and liberty everyday with their lives. Please pray for those who are stationed abroad. Pray for their safety and for their families who may be celebrating this holiday weekend without a beloved service member at the family table. Take Care.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Ann Duncan's Earthly Rest

Ann Duncan was laid to rest in her home town in Trinidad on May 27, 2010. Sita Singh, Maureen Ing and I were in Reno that day. We met from lunch and said a prayer for Ann's family, friends and loved ones. We shared stories of Ann and remebered her. Sita said at noon (3pm - the time of Ann's service in Trinidad) she went to her local police memorial site and reflected on the time she spent and the memories she had of Ann.

When I remember Ann I smile because she was such a positive part of my life.

As we continue to mourn Ann's passing, celebrate her life and the times we shared with her please continue sharing your stories with me via email (which with your permission I will place on the blog.)

Sunday, May 23, 2010

In Remembrance of Ann Duncan

The following are remembrances and condolences that has been forwarded to me for the family from IAWP friends.


I met Ann Duncan years ago when I began to attend our Annual IAWP Conferences. She certainly stood out in the crowd in more than her physical stature. She was soft-spoken but very passionate about topics that meant so much to her such as IAWP and women in policing. You could sense the care and thoughtfulness of the words she chose when she addressed a group on whatever topic she talked about.
It was my pleasure to later serve alongside Ann as a Regional Coordinator on the IAWP Board. Ann will be sorely missed within IAWP. We are all better people for having known her.
I extend my deepest condolences to her husband, Roland, son, Chris, her extended family, and the women officers around the world who are left to go on without Ann in our physical presence. Godspeed Ann!

Donna Wright

We will miss Ann so very much—she was such a great leader for the women of her Region and actively sought ways to better serve all of them.

Cande Ackler

My prayers are with the family and friends of Mrs. Duncan. A great loss.

Stacy Lim
Los Angeles Police Department

I met Ann so long ago that I cannot even remember the year! It seems that she has always been with us sharing her wisdom and active and alive. She will be sorely missed in our organization and we would do well to both recognize her work and help to highlight the legacy she leaves so that other young women might follow in her footsteps. My condolences go out to her family and friends.

Laura Goodman

It is really too sad to hear about the death of Ann Duncan.
Ann was a friend to many women police. She used to give me good
advices and encouragement in my work. It is really sad that she has gone for ever. May Almighty God rest her soul in International Peace

Kind Regards,

Hellen K. Alyek

This is such sad news. We shall miss her terribly, but more so our Carribean collaegues who she worked so hard for.

Julia Jaeger

I met Ann and Roland in Seattle; they stopped by to say hello and welcome me to IAWP. She met my son Joseph. She was elegant and poised and will be deeply missed. I am personally saddened.

Carol Paterick

Funeral Arrangements for Mrs. Ann Duncan

The funeral service for Ann Duncan will be Thursday May 27, 2010 at 3pm. It will be held at the La Divina Pastora Roman Catholic Church located on La Pastora Street, Siparia, Trinidad West Indies.

Personal Condolences can be email to her husband, Roland Duncan at .

I will keep you posted as further details unfold. As I receive condolences for the family and remembrances of Ann's life I will post them on the blog.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Mrs. Ann Duncan

It is with great sadness and a heavy heart I announce the passing of Ann Duncan. Ann was a life member of the IAWP and recently served as the Region Coordinator for Region 17 which encompasses Bermuda, Carribean Islands, Central America, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, South America, Virgin Islands and the Bahamas before retiring from the board in 2009.

Ann is a personal friend and a mentor of mine on the IAWP Board. She always gave advice with calm wisdom. She listened to what you had to say and then asked questions to help you come to the best decision/response for your query. She was a strong woman of great faith. She influenced men and women throughout the world with her police expertise and her membership in many police organization that touched people the world round.

When I got the call notifying me of Ann's death, I had to pull my car over. It was as if I got punched in the stomach. Ann was a true friend and will be greatly missed.

Please keep her husband Roland, son Chris, family and friends in your thoughts and prayers. With Ann's sudden and unexpected passing all the support we can provide to the family will be appreciated.

Funeral Arrangements are pending. I will post them as soon as I receive them.

Cards can be mailed to:

20 Bermudez Trace
Siparia Trinidad, West Indies

2010 Southern Nevada Police Memorial

Friday, May 14, 2010

22nd Annual Candlelight Vigil (Washington D.C.)

May 13, 2010 at 8pm hundreds of law enforcement officers, their friends, families and loved ones filled the grounds of the National Law Enforcement Officer Memorial to honor fallen officers. The walls of the memorial were loving decorated by those who care for the fallen officers. These officers willing served and faithfully gave their lives in service to their fellow human beings. They stood on the Thin Blue Line that protects our citizen from total chaos. The thin line of men and women standing in the gap for law and order. A line when defended may end in the loss of blood, sweat, physical health or ultimately the lives of those who man it. Hundreds of thousand take up the shield of defense worldwide to protect their communtiy and serve those who sleep soundly at night knowing we, the law enforcers of the world, have the watch.

At the end of their watch, when a law enforcement officer pays the ultimate price the surviving law enforcers surround them, safely removes them, and sees them soundly to their final place of rest. They embrace their families and loved ones and ensure the families their fallen hero will never be forgotten. The Police family is a tight knit family that cares for the loved ones left behind.

Last night as we watched a candle be lit which lit another candle and that lit yet another candle, many looked into the eyes of the person next to them, the person that willing shared the light with them and smiled. A smile of hope. A smile of promise. A smile of remembrance. A smile that said, "You are not alone". It was powerful.

The true light was shared and lit up the venue surrounding the thin blue light that shot out from the stage into infinity. For the protectors of world are everywhere.

This morning President Obama recognized the Top Cops in the US. Today I say congratulations to each and everyone of them. I also commend the many men and women who attended Police Week this year. They came from around the world to join in our celebration of the lives of these heroes. Since I have been here I have met attendees from all over the world, Canadian, British and Scottish officers. Police Week is well worth the journey to enjoy the fellowship with other Protectors of order. If you ever have the opportunity it is worth the endeavor.

Stay Safe out there.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Police Memorial

Under a cloud filled sky with rain drenched tributes to mounting fallen law enforcement officers, under umbrellas and rain ponchos HOPE and healing begins as it's shared amongst the family, friends and loved ones of the heroes we honor this week.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

2010 National Police Week

The week of May 9-15, 2010 is the the week the United States sets aside nationally to honor the previous year's law enforcement officers who lost their lives in the line of duty.

This year my agency, the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, sadly will place four officers on the National Law Enforcement Officer Memorial Wall.

Lessons learned while being DELAYED in South Africa

Who would have know that a natural disaster would have grounded flights and left millions displaced in countries that were not their own. A vacation turns into an episode of survivor combined with the Amazing Race as traveler work at rebooking their travel to get them home BY ANY MODE OF TRANSPORTATION available.

The South African Experience

This spot reserved for the story of my April trip to South Africa for the IAWP Spring Board Meeting.

Saturday, May 01, 2010

The Journey to South Africa via London

On April 8, 2010 I began my journey to Paarl South Africa for the Spring Board Meeting of the International Association Of Women Police. The Board meetings were scheduled for Aril 13 and 14, 2010. I started my journey early because I knew it would take nearly two days to get from Las Vegas to Cape Town, South Africa and because I decided to take the opportunity to visit my friend Grace who is a member of IAWP that lives in London. I love visiting friend I have met through the IAWP. This is my second time visiting Grace and her family in London . Grace visited me in Las Vegas after last year’s Seattle conference.

I looked forward to the home cooked meals Grace and her sister Gloria love to prepare, not being much of a cook myself. (Grace and I ate out a lot when she visited me. Except when my mom cooked) . The hospitality was second to none. Grace, Gloria and her brother Patrick met me at London Heathrow when I arrived. I was to initially stay just 12 hours on a layover in London, I ended up there for three days (due to some flight departure issues).

So I spent the weekend in London with Grace and her family. While in London we had a great time. I realized I did not pack my toiletries in my suitcase (I wondered why the suitcase closed so easily and was so light). One of our adventures was to assembly my toiletries. That entailed shopping. Which took us to the famous Harrod’s (not for my sundries ,mostly for souvenirs) . Harrod’s is a must see for me when travelling through London. We went to Elephant and Castle, Trafalgar Square and Picadilly Circus and even played in her local park. Another adventure consisted of my craving for American style pancakes. We search and search until we found the “My Old Dutch Pancake house” . That was cool because I was on my way to South Africa which has many people of Dutch decent. I had a great weekend with Grace. Thank you Grace and family. I had a wonderful time.

Sunday evening April 11, 2010 I boarded a plane to South Africa which would get me into Cape Town at 10 am the next morning. I love to travel on overnight flights especially if it going to be more than an eight hour flight. You go to sleep and wake up in another city ready for another day and you do not feel like you’ve lost any time.

RIP NYE County Nevada Deputy Ian Deutch

The funeral for the Nye County Deputy who was shot to death was held today in Las Vegas. Deputy Ian Deutch received full departmental honors.

Deutch was 27-years-old when he was killed in the parking lot of a Pahrump,Nevada casino Monday April 26, 2010 as he answered a domestic violence call.

Duetch's funeral took place at the Canyon Ridge Church located at 6200 W. Lone Mountain Road in Las Vegas.

Please pray for his wife, stepson and daughter along with his extended family, friend, and co-workers.

Today begins the month of Police week, the time when our nation remembers the officers we have lost in the line of duty and celebrate their lives and contributions to their families, community, and the nation.