Monday, January 18, 2010

Are you living your dream?

The third Monday in January has been dubbed Dr Martin Luther King Jr Day in most states throughout the United States. It celebrates the life of slain Civil Rights Leader Dr Martin Luther King Jr. Dr King recited a speech titled "I have a dream" His dream was of unity, equality and equal access. He encouraged hard work and service. He instilled the need to help your fellow man. Dr. King set a great example of service and died while fulfilling his mission. So I ask again, "Are you living your dream?"

People perish for lack of vision. Not having dreams and goals for your life and how your life can be a legacy you can leave to your family, children and fellow man may be something you want to reflect upon in this first month of a new decade.

The recent Haitian crisis has opened many peoples eyes as to the need to care about your neighbor. Though Haiti is not close to many of us, through the internet and the news it is next door. It is down the street because it is in our living room.

If you have not been able to help out the Haitian Situation, know there is something that carries no cost but your time you can do. You can pray or light a candle or whatever your custom calls you to do when you know of people in great need. Your local national aid agency may also provide a way for you to donate to the cause.

In the US the National Red Cross has set up a quick and easy way for you to donate to the Haitian crisis. You can use your mobile (cell) phone, text 90999 with the message "Haiti" and in a few minutes you will be informed you have donated $10 to the Red Cross for Haiti. I believe they learned this technique from the success of people calling into the televised reality talent competition and voting for their favorite talent. You often heard of multiple millions of people texting in for the contestants. I pray a million will choose to text the Red Cross too. We can still see daily on television how much the aid is needed over there.

Those who are so inclined please keep the survivors, families of the victims lost, the aid workers, the military and the local law enforcement in your thoughts and prayers.

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