Thursday, December 31, 2009

BYE BYE 2009

I wish you all a safe and happy New Years Eve. How ever you celebrate I pray for safety and peace. I lift up we who will be working policing our communities when the clock strike midnight in our prospective venues. May your shift be uneventful. Stay Safe. Happy New Years.

Lt Lynette Hogue Day

How many people do you know who are given a city proclamation when they retire from police service?

December 10, 2009 was name Lt Lynette Hogue day by the honorable San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsome. Well over one hundred friends and family members gathered to celebrate the 27 year career of San Francisco Police Department Lieutenant Lynette Ailene Hogue. Lynette is an IAWP member and she has served as the 2003 IAWP Annual Conference Director, Region 10 Coordinator and 2nd Vice President. She has been a very active member of the Association and the Board of Director. IAWP was nicely represented at the celebration with members traveling from Canada, Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, all of California and Nevada to attend the gala.

Lynette’s longtime patrol partner and academy mate Mary attended. There were many Mary and Lynette radio car stories one which included throwing cupcakes (funny to know our leaders enjoyed juvenile pleasures too). I had the pleasure of meeting Carrie Lucas a recently retired Sergeant from the SFPD. She reflected fondly on the IAWP conferences she has attended since joining the IAWP in 1986. I look forward to seeing her in Minneapolis. Have you registered yet?

The dance floor was filled with IAWP members and we closed the place down staying past last call until they pretty much put us out at midnight. Lynette had a great time. She was all smiles and relaxed. She officially retired October 2009 and has spent the past few weeks jumping headlong into retirement. She even went to Disneyland (that always seems to be on recent retirees list).

The room was decorated with a Hoilday theme with Christmas trees and lights. Gold beaded necklaces were on the cloth covered tables. A three course meal was served on par with any IAWP banquet. A champagne toast was raised to Lynette. The event was planned by Lynette’s beloved life partner Robin Matthews. A beautiful ocassion. It was nice to recognize the great service and career of a true women leader in law enforcement. Congratulation and I wish you lots of love and joy in the new year and in your new life of leisure.

Well Done.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Please Pray for these losses

I am surprized at how long it has been since I last logged in to share current events. Then I realized Facebook and holiday events have been the distraction. What I mean by that is that many of you have friended me on Facebook so we do alot of our chatting there. We also talk about current events. Like the passing of the four Lakewood Washington Officers and the recent passing of the Pierce County Deputy that was wounded December 21, 2009 during a domestic violence call and has succumb to his injuries. Pierce County sheriff's Deputy Kent Mundell, 44, died with his family at his side on December 28, 2009.

Deputy Sita Singh of Washoe County, Nevada Sheriff's Department attended the funeral of the Lakewood officers as part of the several hundred manned Honor Guard. Sita was very excited to be a part of honoring these fallen officer. Sita also attended the funeral for the four Oakland, California Police Officers that died in the line of duty earlier this year. I am sure other IAWP members were able to join the more than 20,000 officers (1,000 of which were from the RCMP) in Seattle for the Lakewood Officers funeral. I would love to hear and share your story of your experience while amongst your brothers and sisters mourning the loss and celebrating the lives of those brave officers.

Region 11 Coordinator Leanne Fitch shared the following:

On December 15, 2009 Constable Anthony (Tony) Carlisle was killed in an off-duty motor vehicle accident in Nova Scotia . Tony was 41. He was a member of the Halifax Regional Police and is survived by his wife, four children, his father Gordon (Mac Carlisle) the former Chief of Police for the Fredericton Police Force, his mother Gail Carlisle and his only brother Jeffrey Carlisle and his sister-in-law Stephanie (Johnson) Carlisle. Both Jeff and Stephanie are members of the Halifax Regional Police. Condolences are extended to Chief Frank Beazley and the members of his Force and to the Carlisle family.

On December 29, 2009 Constable Ireneusz (Eric) Czapnik of the Ottawa Police Service was fatally stabbed while working on his notes in his police cruiser outside of the Civic Campus of the Ottawa Hospital in Ontario . Eric was 51 years old and survived by his wife and four children. Eric’s father was a police officer in Poland for thirty years. One suspect has been arrested in what is considered an ambush style attack. The suspect was intercepted by four paramedics. Condolences are extended to Chief Vernon White and the members of his Force and to the Czapnik family.

According to Police One News, Former Mountie Kevin Gregson has been charged with first degree murder for the death of Constable Czapnik.

We ask "why"

"There's no rationale, there's no reason," said Ottawa police chief Vern White, recalling the painful meeting he had Tuesday with Czapnik's family and friends.

"I think someone was hell-bent on something occurring, and they ensured that it happened," White told a news conference. "And it cost a very good officer, and man and father, his life." )

Please keep the the family, friends and colleagues of these officers in your prayers.

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

IAWP Pioneer Passes Away

In Memoriam

Mary F. Stowe, #1330, retired Seattle Police Lieutenant, passed away peacefully on the evening of November 26, 2009, while a resident of the Foss Home in north Seattle. She was 84 years of age upon her death.

Mary Stowe was born on August 16, 1925. She was appointed a “Police Woman” of the Seattle Police Department on February 11, 1952. During her early Seattle Police career, she was assigned to the “Women’s Bureau,” as were all sworn female Seattle Police Department employees. On March 22, 1956, she was promoted to the rank of “Sergeant of Police Women” and shortly thereafter, gender distinctions between male and female police officers became a thing of the past. Mary served thereafter as a sergeant, detective sergeant and was promoted to the rank of lieutenant on November 12, 1971, and served at that rank until she retired from the Seattle Police Department on April 1, 1998. She had 46 years and 2 months creditable service. That equates to a beginning LEOFF I pension entitlement of 92+.00333%, which at the time was more than an Assistant Police Chief’s LEOFF I pension.

Those women and men currently serving as sworn Seattle Police Officers need to remember that it was through the tenacity of Lieutenant Mary Stowe and others like her that caused a change from an almost all male cadre of Seattle Police Officers into what you see today. That took a lot of courage.

Above all else, Mary Francis Stowe refused to bend in the face of adversity.

A small gathering of friends and other residents of the Foss Home will be held in the near future.

Mary Stowe’s earthly remains will be transported to York, Nebraska for burial in the family plot, in accordance with her wishes.

(Information above provided by)
Michael R. Germann
Executive Secretary
Seattle Police Pension Office

Mary Stowe was a life member of IAWP. She was a past vice-president and a recipient of the Lois Higgins-Grote Heritage Award. She was the director of the 1976 IAWP Conference in Seattle, Washington. Mary was seated front and center for our most recent conference in Seattle, September 2009. She was so thrilled to meet the women in attendance at opening ceremony. Conference Director Beth Lavin ensured Mary was a prominent part of our opening ceremony. I am so glad Mary was able to have that experience. She was truly a treasure.

Please Keep Mary's family in your thoughts and prayers as they enter into this holiday season without their beloved mother, grandmother, sister and friend.
It was an honor to meet such a world changer. Mary changed the face and way of policing for women police throughout the US and as an IAWP member she changed the world for women in policing worldwide. She was a true law enforcement pioneer.

Rest In Peace Mary.

(For more about Mary check out my July blog entry entitiled "Meet Mary Stowe")