Friday, November 20, 2009


On the early morning of November 19, 2009 a police officer came home and was in his garage when some young men set on evil doing decided to seize the opportunity to change a community, a family and workforces world forever. The coward confronted the officer in his garage with weapons. The officer met their armed force with armed force. A gun battle ensued and in the end a guardian of the community lay dying on the floor of his own home with his wife, mother and children within feet of the place he took his last breath.

Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Officer Trevor Nettleton passed away at his home. The suspects fled, one wounded. All suspects are now in custody. A family is now mourning the loss of their father, husband, and son. The community is now mourning the loss of a friend, a neighbor and a guardian of their safety. A police department is now mourning the loss of an officer, a co-worker, a partner and a fellow defender of justice.

LVMPD now prepares to bury a fourth officer in seven months. Three in the line of duty, operating in their capacity as a law enforcement officer. One at the hand of nature (he lost his life to cancer).

Officer Nettleton leaves behind a wife and two young children under three. His mother was at his home in town visiting for Thanksgiving and to see her two month old grandbaby (Trevor's newest addition to his family). She is welcoming a child and now preparing to bury a child.

Shocked, Sadden, Weary. The men and women of the LVMPD and the Nevada Law Enforcement Community shroud their badges yet again and lower their American flags to half staff. Another guardian of the community has lost his life defending the safeties of his family and the community that he loved and sworn to serve.

Officer Trevor Nettleton died a warrior, a hero, a defender and protector of his family and community. Before joining LVMPD he served his country and President HW Bush as a Marine. He gave his life for the people he served.

Enter into your rest and reward brother. We who are left behind have your watch.

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