Saturday, October 03, 2009

Ollie Heads To Vegas to Join the Dow Family

After watching the adventures of IAWP Region 9 Coordinator Janet Wilson's original Ollie (The Seattle 2009 Mascot) in her pre-conference adventures I decided to pay the adoption fee (buy) an Ollie of my own. My Ollie is Oliver. Janet's is Olivia. My Ollie wears pink. Janet's Ollie wears green. My Ollie is very secure in himself so he wears his pink Seattle jersey proudly. He'll be looking for a Minneapolis hoodie soon. (Hint Minn Committee) He is looking forward to Minnesota in 2010. I have a brief photo chronicle of Ollie's journey to Vegas. The Post Conference Vegas visitor kept him company.

(More about the IAWP Vegas informal Post trip in the next post. Do not forget to check out the conference blog as I add more updates and final touches)

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