Friday, October 30, 2009

Getting Ready for The Holidays

October is nearing the end, the weather is drastically changing and 2009 is rapidly coming to a close. After the Annual IAWP Conference the holidays tend to sneak up on us rapidly. The cooler temperatures trigger the holiday spirit (unless your in Australia and Africa then the hotter weather will be your trigger). Depending on the calendar you observe you are celebrating New Year, Thanksgiving, All Saints Day, Hannakah, Christmas, etc. "The Holidays". The Holidays are marked by "Family". Spending time with our families is key.

Now days family can look very unique. The people you consider family are decided by you within your heart. The people who have grown up with you, supported you and cared for you as you grew and continue growing. They can be by blood or by choice. They enter into your life and do not leave because of a divine connection that keeps you together for life.

During these holidays make it about the family. Spend time with the ones you love. Host a hot chocolate, tea or coffee activity that brings the people you consider family together to enjoy decorations, fellowship and getting reacqainted. Let this be the year you do one of those family holiday letter or a family photo holiday card. I find these holiday greetings to be the ones I really enjoy. Facebook has made this expression of Family fun easy to share with all your Facebook friends. Just remember not everyone is on Facebook and not everyone is your Facebook friend. So try the old school (traditional) post office delivered greeting as I mentioned above. The time you take to share your year and your families accomplishments will definitely make your friends happy.

Enjoy your Holiday Planning.

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